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[userguide] Update post install verification for Apex
Since the addition of DEFAULT_ARCHIVE_POLICY to collectd-openstack, and support in Apex, the archive policy used by Gnocchi for Barometer metrics is set to "high" by default. This removes the need to update the archive policy by hand for verification. Change-Id: I074b4cad4926bd0e59ca04f915865ed52d0b6979 Signed-off-by: Emma Foley <emma.l.foley@intel.com>
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On the controller:
-You will need update the archive policy rule for gnocchi via the command line.
-The default is low, which means that you only get a metric every
-5 minutes. To do this:
+1. Get a list of the available metrics:
-.. code:: bash
+ .. code::
- $ openstack metric archive-policy rule delete default
- $ openstack metric archive-policy-rule create -a bool -m '*' default
+ $ openstack metric list
-Using the ``bool`` archive policy reduces the number of aggregation methods run
-to one (last), and it keeps all metrics at a 1 second interval.
-In order to query this you need to explicitly choose an aggregation method to
-display (by default, ``measures show`` uses mean). You may have to update the
-command for checking the metrics, this is the CLI command:
+2. Take note of the ID of the metric of interest, and show the measures of this metric:
-.. code:: bash
+ .. code::
- $ watch –n2 –d openstack metric measures show --aggregation last <metric_id>
+ $ openstack metric measures show <metric_id>
+3. Watch the measure list for updates to verify that metrics are being added:
+ .. code:: bash
+ $ watch –n2 –d openstack metric measures show <metric_id>
More on testing and displaying metrics is shown below.