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+.. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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+Barometer Configuration
+This document provides guidelines on how to install and configure the Barometer
+plugin when using Fuel as a deployment tool. The plugin name is: Collectd
+Ceilometer Plugin. This plugin installs collectd on a compute node and enables
+a number of collectd plugins to collect metrics and events from the platform
+and send them to ceilometer.
+.. contents::
+ :depth: 3
+ :local:
+Pre-configuration activities
+The Barometer Fuel plugin can be found in /opt/opnfv on the fuel master.
+To enable this plugin:
+.. code:: bash
+ $ cd /opt/opnfv
+ $ fuel plugins --install fuel-plugin-collectd-ceilometer-1.0-1.0.0-1.noarch.rpm
+On the Fuel UI, create a new environment.
+* In Settings > OpenStack Services
+* Enable "Install Ceilometer and Aodh"
+* In Settings > Other
+* Enable "Deploy Collectd Ceilometer Plugin"
+* Enable the barometer plugins you'd like to deploy using the checkboxes
+* Continue with environment configuration and deployment as normal.
+Hardware configuration
+There's no specific Hardware configuration required for this the barometer fuel plugin.
+Feature configuration
+Describe the procedures to configure your feature on the platform in order
+that it is ready to use according to the feature instructions in the platform
+user guide. Where applicable you should add content in the postinstall.rst
+to validate the feature is configured for use.
+(checking components are installed correctly etc...)
+Upgrading the plugin
+From time to time new versions of the plugin may become available.
+The plugin cannot be upgraded if an active environment is using the plugin.
+In order to upgrade the plugin:
+* Copy the updated plugin file to the fuel-master.
+* On the Fuel UI, reset the environment.
+* On the Fuel CLI "fuel plugins --update <fuel-plugin-file>"
+* On the Fuel UI, re-deploy the environment.