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.. (c) OPNFV, Intel Corporation and others.
+Features to Date
+This section provides a summary of the features implemented to date and their
+relevant upstream projects.
+.. Figure:: Features_to_date1.png
+ SFQM features to date
+.. Figure:: Features_to_date2.png
+ SFQM features to date cont.
+Please note the timeline denotes DPDK releases.
Release B
-This section provides a summary of the past, the present and the future in
-terms of SFQM contributions to DPDK.
+The features implemented for OPNFV release B in DPDK include:
-.. Figure:: rel_B_summary.png
+* Callback API to enable TX/RX timestamping to measure latency through DPDK.
+* Extended NIC statistics API for 1GB, 10GB and 40GB NICs to expose detailed
+ statistics for DPDK interfaces in addition to the overall aggregate statistics.
+* DPDK Keep Alive.
- Release B summary for SFQM
-Future work for SFQM entails:
+Release C
+The features implemented for OPNFV release C include:
-* Working closely with the Doctor project to integrate the upstreamed features
- in DPDK.
-* Upstreaming the implemented collectd plugins: dpdkstat, ceilometer.
-* Integrating DPDK KA with Monasca.
+* DPDK extended NIC stats API improvement; migrate from key value pairs to
+ using id value pairs.
+* DPDK Keep Alive improvement, so that core status is exposed through a posix
+ shared memory object.
+* collectd dpdkstat plugin that can retrieve DPDK interface statistics.
+* collectd ceilometer plugin that can publish any statistics collected by
+ collectd to ceilometer.
+* Fuel plugin support for the collectd ceilometer plugin for OPNFV.
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