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JIRA: AUTO-41 forgot blank line before list of notable activities (line 277); opnfvdocs rendition did not look good; Change-Id: Ic5073e5021164c27fdcccab4b11fd8f375bfeeaf Signed-off-by: Gerard Damm <gerard.damm@wipro.com>
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@@ -274,6 +274,7 @@ Point release 6.2:
* updated script for configuring OpenStack instance for ONAP, using OpenStack SDK 0.14
Notable activities since release 6.1, which may result in new features for Gambia 7.0:
* researching how to configure multiple Pharos servers in a cluster for Kubernetes
* started to evaluate Compass4nfv as another OpenStack installer; issues with Python version (2 or 3)
* common meeting with Functest