BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterInitial version of kubespray deploymentMartin Klozik7 months
stable/gambiaMerge "update of INFO.yaml"Tina Tsou13 months
stable/frasercosmetic change to R6.2 Release NotesGerard Damm16 months
opnfv-7.1.0commit 1a2260efe5...jenkins-ci10 months
opnfv-7.0.0commit 1a2260efe5...jenkins-ci10 months
opnfv-6.1.1commit 0f43563624...jenkins-ci16 months
opnfv-6.2.0commit d8634fc5ce...jenkins-ci16 months
opnfv-6.1.0commit b718a43380...Gerard Damm17 months
opnfv-6.0.0commit 3a957a75f9...Trevor Bramwell18 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2018-05-15May 15th update (identity, router gateway, options, summary)opnfv-6.1.0Gerard Damm1-249/+450
2018-05-03automated configuration of an OpenStack instance for ONAPGerard Damm1-0/+664
2018-04-18Fix key issueHarry Huang1-2/+2
2018-04-16Merge "Release Notes April 12th update, for Fraser MS9"Gerard Damm3-20/+60
2018-04-16Merge "first draft of Auto configuration guide; patched;"Gerard Damm14-963/+286
2018-04-13User Guide April 13th update, for Fraser MS9Gerard Damm12-34/+76
2018-04-12Release Notes April 12th update, for Fraser MS9Gerard Damm3-20/+60
2018-04-12first draft of Auto configuration guide; patched;Gerard Damm14-963/+286
2018-03-30Merge "UC2 update with Openstack SDK interface and common test logic"Gerard Damm4-76/+237
2018-03-29Add Gerard fix meeting time.agardner1-10/+10