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2018-05-22[salt] Retire Armband Saltstack reposAlexandru Avadanii1-223/+0
Provided we take care of the minor consequences of relying strictly on upstream Saltstack amd64 repos on arm64 (since we don't use RAET, this means merely installing `python-futures` as a dependency of `python-tornado` on all minions), we can finally drop our Salstack arm64 repository. This implies installing python-futures on: - FN and VCP VMs (handled via lib.sh pre-patching); - baremetal nodes (handled via MaaS Curtin template for arm64 now); While at it, also handle other minor patch cleanup operations: * drop `system.linux.system.repo.mcp.armband`, already covered by: - lib.sh pre-patching for FN and VCP VM images; - maas.region.repositories for baremetal nodes; * switch glusterfs PPA repo arch from 'amd64,arm64' to None; * drop obsolete patch handling `mcelog` on AArch64; [1] https://github.com/salt-formulas/salt-formula-maas/pull/26 JIRA: ARMBAND-382 Change-Id: I34f3bd70ebf10395e8d4e70498ff3a144b4d9c3b Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <Alexandru.Avadanii@enea.com>
2018-05-07p/fuel: Retire Armband repos in favor of MCP onesAlexandru Avadanii1-5/+5
JIRA: ARMBAND-372 Change-Id: I53eaa1d48da72588b1cd9e067504dd8cccc54cd6 Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <Alexandru.Avadanii@enea.com>
2018-05-02p/fuel: Set volume name in source file to sdXCharalampos Kominos1-5/+5
By default the openstack virtual machines use virtio_blk. That causes certain tests in functest to fail to attach the proper number of disks. The solution is to switch to scsi disks for which we must also generate the proper openstack source file. JIRA: ARMBAND-376 Change-Id: I99a4073c24f13f1eb3798b2b07cb2c16ec3688cf Signed-off-by: Charalampos Kominos <Charalampos.Kominos@enea.com>
2018-04-26u/fuel: Bump & rebase for MaaS boot src selectionAlexandru Avadanii1-3/+3
Change-Id: I12a84a05dc26edb78f6f21a98e446b22babfd7c7 Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <Alexandru.Avadanii@enea.com>
2018-04-13u/fuel: Bump & rebase for ODL cleanupCristina Pauna1-2/+2
Change-Id: Ie23a49c17ab4890fc1262d1111efd85ec83d7866 Signed-off-by: Cristina Pauna <cristina.pauna@enea.com>
2018-04-04p/fuel: Fix ga-16.04 MaaS kernel to be hwe-edgeAlexandru Avadanii1-2/+2
While at it, bump & rebase for ODL VM memory bump & Pike staging PPA, handle architecture list for pike-staging PPA. Change-Id: I13cdeef0ae2167ff1b7e6dd9c188dfbdcf18d9a1 Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <Alexandru.Avadanii@enea.com>
2018-03-29u/fuel: Bump & rebase for ovs config fixesCharalampos Kominos1-1/+1
Change-Id: I7227fea1c10974754c9e6224dcf0dcb4701d24b7 Signed-off-by: Charalampos Kominos <charalampos.kominos@enea.com>
2018-03-27u/fuel: Bump & rebase for ODL fixesAlexandru Avadanii1-2/+2
Change-Id: I0cd2b8a0315c3dd71435138963927e4648d0ef6f Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <Alexandru.Avadanii@enea.com>
2018-03-13u/fuel: Bump & rebase for salt state retryAlexandru Avadanii1-2/+2
JIRA: FUEL-358 Change-Id: Ia1e422fd037c1dd1c689b535d2b430c533d9562d Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <Alexandru.Avadanii@enea.com>
2018-03-09u/fuel: Bump for neutron rootwrap fixupAlexandru Avadanii1-2/+2
Change-Id: I493dc80c84d5bfd72c1f4062a1d6d600e5f0f0ce Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <Alexandru.Avadanii@enea.com>
2018-03-08u/fuel: Bump & rebase for net_config ip-rangeAlexandru Avadanii1-11/+11
JIRA: FUEL-351 Change-Id: I7b893e9d94eaf9e34daee3bf4442229be964c294 Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <Alexandru.Avadanii@enea.com>
2018-03-06u/fuel: Bump & rebase for OVN HA scenarioAlexandru Avadanii1-2/+2
JIRA: FUEL-329 Change-Id: I74d871df506b48286e993540ad5ad25a08dae4b3 Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <Alexandru.Avadanii@enea.com>
2018-03-04u/fuel: Bump & rebase for IP allocation reworkAlexandru Avadanii1-3/+3
Change-Id: I51699789c2485c758b9960ec689c1f436a57dd8d Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <Alexandru.Avadanii@enea.com>
2018-02-26u/fuel: Bump & rebase for compute parameterizationAlexandru Avadanii1-2/+2
While at it, enable hugepages on AArch64 by removing the patch that used to disable them. JIRA: ARMBAND-341 Change-Id: I8f5e8bbceeaa2c99a983a14d9c03da497eec64c4 Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <Alexandru.Avadanii@enea.com> Signed-off-by: Cristina Pauna <cristina.pauna@enea.com>
2018-02-20u/fuel: Bump & rebase for set_storage_layoutAlexandru Avadanii1-6/+6
Change-Id: Icfb495619b178af90998a82e4b359445649a7284
2018-02-17u/fuel: Bump & rebase for virtual PDF supportAlexandru Avadanii1-14/+14
Finally drop hardcoded IP addresses for virtual deploys from reclass, but keep one small patch adjusting the local vPDF to achieve the same goal. JIRA: FUEL-322 Change-Id: I56a3b0487f564355a4c51b4eb71ec97e92531f1d Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <Alexandru.Avadanii@enea.com>
2018-01-29u/fuel: Bump & rebase for OVS-DPDK vxlanAlexandru Avadanii1-8/+8
Fix patch context after [1] was pushed upstream. Update copyright year in Fuel patches (and template). [1] https://github.com/salt-formulas/salt-formula-salt/commit/4c7cd2d Change-Id: I41755993cfc2dac89e8060768f01d58c5d2e5767 Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <Alexandru.Avadanii@enea.com>
2018-01-22u/fuel: Bump & rebase for lab proxy supportAlexandru Avadanii1-3/+3
While at it, fix MaaS hwe_kernel for AArch64 by switching back to 4.13. Change-Id: Idb123eab370ef453b60ddb1dff40c2d8d7fd42c4 Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <Alexandru.Avadanii@enea.com>
2018-01-07u/fuel: Bump & rebase for wait_for changesAlexandru Avadanii1-1/+1
While at it, catch armband state minion timeout (not connected or no response) and reduce armband state retry from 10 to 5. JIRA: ARMBAND-350 Change-Id: Ifd63c401f44e7ae51f50c5739cf1a20b5d27d287 Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <Alexandru.Avadanii@enea.com>
2018-01-03u/fuel: Bump & rebase for mas01 NAT removalAlexandru Avadanii1-2/+2
Change-Id: I0ba6eec175a4b4f1eac0c085dcf25b43589259a7 Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <Alexandru.Avadanii@enea.com>
2018-01-03u/fuel: Bump & rebase for MaaS proxy supportAlexandru Avadanii1-5/+5
While at it, fix duplicate "file.repl" entry in armband.nova_config SLS and drop upstream nova patch for Qemu 2.10 support previously backported. Fixes: f191bfb Change-Id: Ib4e56833df8e1095396af0856a0fad06f5e9ed1c Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <Alexandru.Avadanii@enea.com>
2017-12-27u/fuel: Bump & rebase for MaaS patch squashAlexandru Avadanii1-3/+3
Change-Id: Ibbdb467b4656493c6effa68991dab1902e78b7fe Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <Alexandru.Avadanii@enea.com>
2017-12-21u/fuel: Bump & rebase for upstream libvirtd socketAlexandru Avadanii1-6/+6
Change-Id: I4a5cb78eff164fe9984362b51c34a8359baa8a8d Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <Alexandru.Avadanii@enea.com>
2017-12-18u/fuel: Bump & rebase for MaaS DHCP fixAlexandru Avadanii1-2/+2
Change-Id: Icb3516e6520ea6c1996ffffa744b6cfeb1135f41 Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <Alexandru.Avadanii@enea.com>
2017-12-15p/fuel: Pin glusterfs to 3.12 for AArch64Alexandru Avadanii1-3/+3
glusterfs PPA for 3.13 does not have arm64 binaries *yet*, so pin to 3.12 for now. While at it, bump Fuel@OPNFV submodule. Change-Id: I989fcfa43748015e46d760b9908c633238dae574 Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <Alexandru.Avadanii@enea.com>
2017-12-14u/fuel: Bump & rebase for salt ver upstreamAlexandru Avadanii1-5/+5
Change-Id: Icf207bca8bf84e788ead78175f6df5ad43dfc392 Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <Alexandru.Avadanii@enea.com>
2017-12-13u/fuel: Bump & rebase for libvirtd group fixAlexandru Avadanii1-3/+3
JIRA: ARMBAND-335 Change-Id: Id42d3719dff18ef6948c1c2c18b48c8ac2b2d195 Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <Alexandru.Avadanii@enea.com>
2017-12-13u/fuel: Bump & rebase for Pike upgradeAlexandru Avadanii1-0/+223
- virtual deploys will use only UCA repos, without Armband/MCP; - base image pre-build is now upstream, drop our patches; - drop p/fuel libvirtd group workaround, now upstream in Fuel@OPNFV; - drop p/reclass glusterfs PPA arch extension, obsolete; - refactor armband repos in system.repo.mcp into: * armband (new, contains kernel, libvirt etc.); * armband_openstack (move into system.repo.mcp.openstack); * armband_mk_openstack (move intro system.repo.mcp.openstack); * armband_mcp_extra (move into system.repo.mcp.extra); - drop 'nova: Update console defaults for armv7, aarch64'; - minor rebase of nova libvirt driver patches in our roll-up; JIRA: ARMBAND-335 Change-Id: Ic5b7736cdd1d1ad5ff25728925198e8ea3e6b5b1 Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <Alexandru.Avadanii@enea.com>
2017-11-26u/fuel: Bump & rebase for image pre-installAlexandru Avadanii1-223/+0
1. Bump to latest Fuel@OPNFV to include: - Bring in newer glusterfs for mtime unsplit brain * Requires adding arch "arm64" to PPA definition in reclass: - (reclass-system) linux.system.repo.glusterfs: Add arm64 arch - Switch nofeature-ha compute nodes to UCA repo * Requires an alternative way of adding linux.enea.com repos; * linux.enea.com repos will now be pre-install into VM images; * Requires refresh on repo arch list handled by Armband patch: - (fuel) baremetal, virtual: Extend arch list for UCA repo 2. Staging proposed patches from upstream Fuel@OPNFV: - Add pre-{install,purge} support for base image * Reference implementation adds pre-installed Armband specifics: - Enea public GPG to APT keys (for below repos); - repos (linux.enea.com/{apt-mk,mcp-repos}/*); - linux-{image,headers}-generic-hwe-16.04-edge; - cloud-init: datasource from NoCloud only; * Allows us to drop kernel installation from state files, installing the kernel only once during image prep, instead of two stages of parallel installs (5 baremetal, 14 VCP); * Ensures Armband repos are pre-configured for infrastructure VMs, allowing us to drop more reclass repo definitions; * Rework armband patch to install kernel only on kvm, cmp: - (fuel) baremetal: linux-image-generic-hwe-16.04-edge 3. Sync reclass repo definitions with upstream change, drop duplicates - [linux][repos] Remove unused repositories [1] * Upstream dropped all "ocata-{security,hotfix,...} repo comps, which are also empty for Armband, so drop them too; * Rework following armband patches: - (reclass-system) linux/system/repo/mcp: Add Armband repos * Move Armband repos to new dedicated reclass classes: - linux.system.repo.mcp.armband.extra (currently empty); - linux.system.repo.mcp.armband.openstack; * Use HTTPS for fetching Enea Armband GPG key; - (fuel) baremetal: Add Armband Openstack repos to kvm, cmp * Consume defs introduced above only on baremetal nodes; 4. Sync documentation with Fuel@OPNFV (cp) 5. Add vim swap files to .gitignore [1] https://github.com/Mirantis/reclass-system-salt-model/commit/1dd1b31 Change-Id: Ibab56279de86f08ad7cd9bc6761f4c525532f811 Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <Alexandru.Avadanii@enea.com>
2017-11-23u/fuel: Bump & rebase for MaaS fabrics fixAlexandru Avadanii1-3/+3
Change-Id: I58bacd2b8f9d210fd9e144cd8db6239ca0b8949d Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <Alexandru.Avadanii@enea.com>
2017-11-21u/fuel: Bump & rebase for LVM filter fixAlexandru Avadanii1-3/+3
Change-Id: I3696b3d778d60c267fbb03475f858554d9b18142 Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <Alexandru.Avadanii@enea.com>
2017-11-18u/fuel: Bump & rebase for netconfig rm via saltAlexandru Avadanii1-3/+3
Change-Id: I0de153ef4e5a71f350d29a90ae4c79b863d676eb Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <Alexandru.Avadanii@enea.com>
2017-11-16u/fuel: Bump & rebase for keystone.client retryAlexandru Avadanii1-1/+1
Change-Id: I1a1d91af5c7dc92307ccd7a52e97cc95c70149f0 Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <Alexandru.Avadanii@enea.com>
2017-11-12u/fuel: Bump & rebase for apache mod list fixAlexandru Avadanii1-2/+2
Change-Id: Ia719a04a88533e55f713d955b5999130b5fc635a Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <Alexandru.Avadanii@enea.com>
2017-11-01u/fuel: Bump & rebase for galera formula pinningAlexandru Avadanii1-2/+2
JIRA: ARMBAND-328 Change-Id: I5f284be5e75dc5ea740e632efc6f6c2e46de3973 Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <Alexandru.Avadanii@enea.com>
2017-10-19u/fuel: Bump & rebase for PDF-based network configAlexandru Avadanii1-0/+223
Change-Id: If970bbc8735d38542a90b2cbdbb2523ae644a29c Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <Alexandru.Avadanii@enea.com>