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@@ -547,6 +547,10 @@ Allocate nodes to environment and assign functional roles
OPTIONAL - Set Local Mirror Repos
+**NOTE**: Support for local mirrors is incomplete in Danube 1.0.
+You may opt in for it to fetch less packages from internet during deployment,
+but an internet connection is still required.
The following steps must be executed if you are in an environment with
no connection to the Internet. The Fuel server delivers a local repo
that can be used for installation / deployment of openstack.
@@ -555,11 +559,11 @@ that can be used for installation / deployment of openstack.
- Replace the URI values for the "Name" values outlined below:
- - "ubuntu" URI="deb http://<ip-of-fuel-server>:8080/mirrors/ubuntu/ trusty main"
+ - "ubuntu" URI="deb http://<ip-of-fuel-server>:8080/mirrors/ubuntu/ xenial main"
- - "mos" URI="deb http://<ip-of-fuel-server>::8080/mitaka-9.0/ubuntu/x86_64 mos9.0 main restricted"
+ - "mos" URI="deb http://<ip-of-fuel-server>::8080/newton-10.0/ubuntu/x86_64 mos10.0 main restricted"
- - "Auxiliary" URI="deb http://<ip-of-fuel-server>:8080/mitaka-9.0/ubuntu/auxiliary auxiliary main restricted"
+ - "Auxiliary" URI="deb http://<ip-of-fuel-server>:8080/newton-10.0/ubuntu/auxiliary auxiliary main restricted"
- Click <Save Settings> at the bottom to Save your changes
@@ -589,6 +593,28 @@ Target specific configuration
.. figure:: img/fuelwsrepsst.png
+#. [AArch64 specific] Use kernel 4.8 for experimental GICv3 features
+ **NOTE**: This kernel is required for: SFC scenarios, GICv3 live migration.
+ **NOTE**: This kernel is included in the Armband ISO, all that is needed
+ for it to be used in a specific environemnt is to explicitly add it to
+ the list of packages that will be installed by baremetal provisioning.
+ In the FUEL UI of your Environment, click the <Settings> tab, click
+ <General> on the left side pane, then at the bottom of the page, in the
+ <Provision> subsection, amend the package list:
+ - remove <linux-headers-generic-lts-xenial>;
+ - remove <linux-image-generic-lts-xenial>;
+ - add <linux-image-4.8.0-9944-generic>;
+ - add <linux-headers-4.8.0-9944-generic>;
+ - add <linux-image-extra-4.8.0-9944-generic> (optional);
#. Set up targets for provisioning with non-default "Offloading Modes"
Some target nodes may require additional configuration after they are