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Updated armband
Project: vswitchperf 31f0a3e0a25e147e285d14e2e262ac48aa83ce65 hugepage_detect: Change hugepage detection to check for free hugepages Change hugepage detection to check if hugepages are configured. Also verifies enough free hugepages are available based on test configuration. Will result in an exception if not enough hugepages are found. This performs the check based on the guest memory configs as well as the dpdk socket configs. Adds some new methods to check for free hugepages based on all hugepages or for socket free hugepages. Adds new logging indicitaing needed and free hugepages as well as info level event if hugepages are not configured at recommended 1GB size. JIRA: VSPerf-255 Change-Id: I80d5605308861070c412568d8d40339f01b9718b Signed-off-by: Christian Trautman <ctrautma@redhat.com>
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