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docs/install-instr: Add MySQL WSREP SST provider.
Document workaround for xtrabackup issues on AArch64 controllers. Change-Id: I126c730f751f09a4d75ac345d9b889df9414de2d
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Target specific configuration
+#. [AArch64 specific] Configure MySQL WSREP SST provider
+ **NOTE**: This option is only available for ArmbandFuel@OPNFV, since it
+ currently only affects AArch64 targets (see *Reference 15*).
+ When using some AArch64 platforms as controller nodes, WSREP SST
+ synchronisation using default backend provider (xtrabackup-v2) might fail,
+ so a mechanism that allows selecting a different WSREP SST provider
+ has been introduced.
+ In the FUEL UI of your Environment, click the <Settings> tab, click
+ <OpenStack Services> on the left side pane (see figure below), then
+ select one of the following options:
+ - xtrabackup-v2 (default provider, AArch64 stability issues);
+ - rsync (AArch64 validated, better or comparable speed to xtrabackup,
+ takes the donor node offline during state transfer);
+ - mysqldump (untested);
+ .. figure:: img/fuelwsrepsst.png
#. Set up targets for provisioning with non-default "Offloading Modes"
Some target nodes may require additional configuration after they are