Armband Fuel@OPNFV

This repository holds build scripts for MCP Fuel OPNFV installer for AArch64 machines.

Development Workflow

The standard workflow should look as follows:

  1. Clone the repository.

  2. All the sub-projects are registered as submodules. To initialize them, call:

    $ make submodules-init
  3. Apply patches from patches/<sub-project>/* to respective submodules via:

    $ make patches-import

    This will result in creation of:

    • a tag called ${A_OPNFV_TAG}-root at submodule remote branch HEAD;
    • a new branch opnfv-armband which will hold all the armband work.

    Then each patch is applied on this new branch with git-am.

    The new HEAD is tagged with ${A_OPNFV_TAG}.

  4. Modify sub-projects for whatever you need.

    Commit your changes when you want them taken into account in the build.

    NOTE: If you want to re-export patches, make sure to move the tag ${A_OPNFV_TAG} to the latest commit that should be included.

  5. Re-create patches and add default copyright header via:

    $ make patches-export patches-copyright

    Each commit on opnfv-armband branch of each subproject will be exported to patches/subproject/ via git format-patch.

  6. Clean workbench branches and tags with:

    $ make submodules-clean


If you need to add another subproject, you can do it with git submodule. Make sure that you specify branch (with -b), short name (with --name) and point it to upstream/* directory, i.e.:

$ git submodule -b stable/mitaka add --name fuel-web \
  https://github.com/openstack/fuel-web.git upstream/fuel-web