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2017-05-15Removing sdn_l3 and _l2 scenario featuresDan Radez1-13/+7
JIRA: APEX-429 Change-Id: Ifb28bb27f8e58ac5b180454719dfb329c3edf000 Signed-off-by: Dan Radez <>
2017-04-04RPM version update / ovs_dpdk renameDan Radez1-4/+4
- updating RPM version numbers for Euphrates - renaming ovs scenario to ovs_dpdk JIRA: APEX-434 Change-Id: I75e1d96bd613ea04e2ffd12bd41b3a536ff75d7f Signed-off-by: Dan Radez <>
2017-04-03Merge "Euphrates Docs update w odl scenario name cleanups"Dan Radez5-8/+8
2017-03-30More doc updates for DanubeTim Rozet3-12/+35
Change-Id: I125548acde034d8c4c85cce93fb001ba06c8ab33 Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <>
2017-03-30Euphrates Docs update w odl scenario name cleanupsDan Radez5-8/+8
- updating docs to reference Euphrates - removing the odl_l2-nofeature scenario, it's obsolete - renameing odl_l3 to odl, it's default for odl now - adding symlinks to files to _l3 files so CI doesn't break will remote those once CI is updated to use new names Change-Id: I9f2646fc5dac443042c5f4be8cca7d2df5dca663 Signed-off-by: Dan Radez <>
2017-03-30Updating docs for DanubeDan Radez8-49/+68
Change-Id: I7eb2d7bb62d61ca1ab7177332bb27329da85ad48 Signed-off-by: Dan Radez <>
2017-03-07Adding LabelsShubhamRathi1-0/+2
Labels serve as anchors/ refs when referenced from other documents This patch adds labels to docs/*/*/index.rst Change-Id: Ia891cbe2866acceb626730b778585b5620cb2ff0 Signed-off-by: ShubhamRathi <>
2017-02-17Doc updates for MS6Sofia Wallin10-0/+922
Updated the docs structure according to directives and MS6 Change-Id: I36e92cbc58328528ebb91ff4f54ee701f5477443 Signed-off-by: Sofia Wallin <>