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2017-07-13Update ODL version for fdio_l2 and fdio_l3 scenariosdanube.3.1stable/danubeFeng Pan2-1/+14
Change-Id: Iaa44b21ee92f601f645e350177c6ba56c140649d Signed-off-by: Feng Pan <>
2017-06-29Remove workaround for vhost-user bindingjuraj.linkes1-2/+0
A fix ( for bug has already been merged, no need for this workaround anymore. Change-Id: I8e0657e8cf8dcd2045015e086fe591ec50da62d3 Signed-off-by: juraj.linkes <>
2017-06-26Pin puppet-opendaylight for puppet 3.8 compatibilityFeng Pan1-1/+1
Change-Id: Ib9052fafd601c7b269f0f6a3e98d83e63b07f12f Signed-off-by: Feng Pan <>
2017-06-21Fixes glance API running on incorrect networkTim Rozet1-1/+1
JIRA: APEX-476 Change-Id: If635b4187f082d723ad00ba82357b351ee596a18 Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <>
2017-06-20Fix syntax error in ovs-dpdk-preconfig.yamlFeng Pan1-1/+1
JIRA: APEX-477 Change-Id: I58988755519117b39fe96be6c619489155d01b81 Signed-off-by: Feng Pan <>
2017-06-20Merge "Workaround for vhost-user binding" into stable/danubeTim Rozet1-0/+2
2017-06-20Fixes ODL config to step 1 onlyTim Rozet1-0/+1
opnfv-puppet-tripleo-pr: 30 JIRA: APEX-473 Change-Id: I96dbe8c467db6b72df6d82e3575567a6c4d4da70 Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <>
2017-06-16Workaround for vhost-user bindingjuraj.linkes1-0/+2
This is a workaround for this bug: JIRA: APEX-475 Change-Id: Ic115e094c2906d6572d6af411872d5584e665aec Signed-off-by: juraj.linkes <>
2017-06-15Fixes missing SDN_CONTROLLER_IP in overcloudrc.v3juraj.linkes1-0/+1
JIRA: APEX-474 Change-Id: Iadc8e1614161421ae32b25e3cf10e1b5ba599250 Signed-off-by: juraj.linkes <>
2017-06-12Fixes vars missing in overcloudrc.v3Tim Rozet1-10/+10
Change-Id: I03df4973fe2bb1356719dda5666484f556df2ffa Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <>
2017-06-08Updates docs for Danube 3.0danube.3.0Tim Rozet8-12/+37
Change-Id: I586c188b8cbf5d8a0c47926d6a816652515495ac Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <>
2017-06-05Pin puppet-fdio version for stable/danubeFeng Pan1-0/+1
Since stable/danube uses 17.04 release of VPP and Honeycomb, we need to pin puppet-fdio to the commit before 17.07 specific interface role tagging changes. Change-Id: Id2c52679ab5bc74995149ed1df5365b934f89c3f Signed-off-by: Feng Pan <>
2017-06-05Merge "Add overlay_ip_version config for IPv6 tenant networks" into ↵Tim Rozet2-2/+3
2017-06-05Merge "Fix rdo-release for newton" into stable/danubeFeng Pan1-5/+3
2017-06-02Fix rdo-release for newtonTim Rozet1-5/+3
Change-Id: I96e38561c9d9e401042ba4ab7785801993d8a720 Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <>
2017-06-02Updates vpp and honeycomb versionjuraj.linkes1-5/+5
The patches in vpp address acl configuration issues. A matching honeycomb is needed for opendaylight scenarios. Change-Id: Ib32dd976170d22fc4dcf4f651433b646461000b6 Signed-off-by: juraj.linkes <>
2017-06-02Updating Linux kernel licensing info to GPL v2 with a new linkRay Paik1-2/+2
Change-Id: I463a26299c9b76123b3c6d3374cd2ed391fcdc99 Signed-off-by: Ray Paik <> (cherry picked from commit 6aac03ac5f3985b0f03220451bf71028e63dbe07)
2017-05-31Updates ODL source for netvirt+vppTim Rozet2-4/+4
Change-Id: I7ffb445ba44bfc904240658b0c3a137b44af28e8 Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <> (cherry picked from commit f88bfbcb62c2a8b3de12a325482146d1118b39f7)
2017-05-31Update instack_undercloud yum update remove patchFeng Pan1-2/+2
Change-Id: I0b812661c6217328c8b4efac4c69cb99d13418a8 Signed-off-by: Feng Pan <>
2017-05-28Add overlay_ip_version config for IPv6 tenant networksFeng Pan2-2/+3
JIRA: APEX-443 opnfv-tht-pr: 133 Change-Id: I03b28bdcc6d0649920fd58fb3400b2a4e5891e68 Signed-off-by: Feng Pan <>
2017-05-28Change openstack-tripleo download location for iso buildFeng Pan1-1/+2
Change-Id: I56352ff23d8e09f6579f4b5a1d3218b19e2315b4 Signed-off-by: Feng Pan <>
2017-05-27Adds networking-sfc packageTim Rozet1-0/+1
Until networking sfc is added by: We need to include it in our build system. Change-Id: If0332d6fb9a342d46599ca4ca556b2c1c7f01272 Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <> (cherry picked from commit a622216b83fd46d3ad1fd763a367cc26323a8864)
2017-05-28Merge "Fix dependencies errors in iso verify" into stable/danubeTim Rozet2-4/+2
2017-05-28Merge "Fix tacker not starting correctly" into stable/danubeFeng Pan3-4/+18
2017-05-27Fix dependencies errors in iso verifyFeng Pan2-4/+2
Change-Id: I6f169d6d89a0468c6c9208ba448c4da0a6f776ee Signed-off-by: Feng Pan <>
2017-05-27Fix tacker not starting correctlyTim Rozet3-4/+18
JIRA: APEX-446 Change-Id: I69fecfa8dae111cc53d83e701ce913de80de94ef Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <>
2017-05-26Merge "Update puppet-opendaylight git repo url" into stable/danubeTim Rozet2-4/+16
2017-05-26Update puppet-opendaylight git repo urlFeng Pan2-4/+16
puppet-opendaylight moved from github to, updating url for git clone. JIRA: APEX-455 Change-Id: I8e4a919d9c8b3dedb62c12135cc1b2741413bc34 Signed-off-by: Feng Pan <>
2017-05-26Updates the real time kvm kerneldavidjchou1-1/+1
Reduce the real time kvm kernel by stripping debug info. Change-Id: I33335b8a9bd241ee83bc6f30bb2e819403bad491 Signed-off-by: davidjchou <> (cherry picked from commit 557e2db49051721e1b70adc4a561a2c162b0c511)
2017-05-25Add type_drivers config to networking-vpp agentFeng Pan2-0/+53
JIRA: APEX-459 opnfv-puppet-tripleo-pr: 26 Change-Id: I1b43acb3eb048a017720e33db50876c4e688b2e7 Signed-off-by: Feng Pan <>
2017-05-25Build and deployment fixes for danubeFeng Pan3-50/+1
- Remove puppet-neutron-add-odl-settings.patch file, this patch is now included in overcloud images. - Add retry for pacemaker::stonith resource to avoid resource creation failure during deployment opnfv-puppet-tripleo-pr: 27 Change-Id: I8440e7ddc290d04135e8cd82b2136cc245dc980a Signed-off-by: Feng Pan <>
2017-05-15Install missing packages on undercloud imageFeng Pan1-0/+6
Currently, tripleo images are not synchronized to CentOS CDN, where we download our images. The bug is tracked at: This causes our undercloud image to be out of date and missing packages which are required during undercloud install. This causes puppet to perform yum install of those packages during undercloud deployment, which will fail in cases where internet is not accessible during deployment. While we wait for resolution of CentOS CDN issue, to work around this issue, we need to add those packages in undercloud image. Change-Id: Ic5a2cfddda544c2d7b6b5bcb145ade8276fd411b Signed-off-by: Feng Pan <>
2017-05-13Do not enable bgpd during deploymenttomsou1-1/+0
Do not enable bgpd in order to resolve the race condition between bgpd daemon (enabled within apex deployment) and the bgpd started by 6wind zrpcd in the frame of testcase 3 of sdnvpn. JIRA: APEX-448 Change-Id: I3dfd41280e86e8a85b2269518abd8a504391de61 Signed-off-by: tomsou <> (cherry picked from commit b63857ee231134fe9af6c5667d40a8f4f2b8555d)
2017-05-08Moves RDO images URI to working serverTim Rozet1-2/+4
CBS has been broken and the overcloud and undercloud artifacts are not getting updated there. The new URI is a workaround because it is a single file server acting as a backup until the CBS repo is fixed. JIRA: APEX-458 Change-Id: I743747015d69b17d75aa7b231bc07c935788ea20 Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <> (cherry picked from commit ef3dc1ce0323fa0881e416cd4b9028fb4250b719)
2017-05-08add onos deployment stepsbobzhou9-91/+27
opnfv-tht-pr: 128 opnfv-puppet-tripleo-pr: 23 Change-Id: Ib99f7e3968ed03bd86ca0de9c6c37c9871921486 Signed-off-by: bobzhou <> (cherry picked from commit 266e9a5336defeff5f10331ab8316d69e7b20cc1)
2017-05-05Fixes relative path for 'ip' commandTim Rozet1-3/+4
Change-Id: I63606f7cc200ddbe35c6df2cbb56fa442c2bfb9b Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <> (cherry picked from commit e0eda9d2ce02eb0afddd66f328f8794b073a7958)
2017-05-04Updates docs for D2.0danube.2.0Tim Rozet8-20/+82
Change-Id: I9bdd3d6437b3a8b8c356beea4de1214de6f649b0 Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <>
2017-05-04Add support for interface role mapping for odl_l3-fdio scenariosFeng Pan1-0/+2
JIRA: APEX-445 opnfv-puppet-tripleo-pr: 24 Change-Id: Idbb855badae2f2b91202961c12931ba54be1beaa Signed-off-by: Feng Pan <>
2017-05-04Enable OpenDaylight clustering mode for FDIO scenariosFeng Pan3-56/+1
JIRA: APEX-450 Change-Id: I6d570c19ff5286b1307e38eee439116839b1d612 Signed-off-by: Feng Pan <>
2017-05-03Fixing BGPD service is not runningNikolas Hermanns1-0/+1
Change-Id: Ia94a82cda8cd2c8c052bfd3454e3753b6eb54288 Signed-off-by: Nikolas Hermanns <> (cherry picked from commit 16d8540f09d494f86db448b91aa47cfad126af03)
2017-05-03Merge "Fixes bugs in ovs dpdk" into stable/danubeTim Rozet2-3/+3
2017-05-02Merge "Updates the real time kvm kernel from 4.4.6-rt14 to 4.4.50-rt62." ↵Tim Rozet1-2/+2
into stable/danube
2017-05-02Fixes bugs in ovs dpdkTim Rozet2-3/+3
Changes Include: - Fixes an issue where using non-1st nic admin network deployment would result in loss of network connectivity during deployment. - Fixes an issue where not specifying cores to pin to in performance options would result in an incorrect '0' value used for core mask. JIRA: APEX-452 JIRA: APEX-453 Change-Id: I413290161abd9b2fa39b659d5ff989da9554f603 Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <> (cherry picked from commit c9bde98a9729dbc442ce8c0cdbc29c7d35167db6)
2017-04-28Migrates quagga install to build timeTim Rozet2-2/+2
It is OK to have quagga installed at build time, we just want to avoid enabling it unless quagga is deployed. Change-Id: I41899d697a24976c3b169b3b8f5eef5c0df6bed4 Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <> (cherry picked from commit f50f469ff5db3fd54c49cc932ff7791c406891cf)
2017-04-28Updates the real time kvm kernel from 4.4.6-rt14 to 4.4.50-rt62.davidjchou1-2/+2
Change-Id: Iee42eb2533fe8c8336113613ab578aa56abb37fb Signed-off-by: davidjchou <> (cherry picked from commit e6e035be520fd2f1021f524f11a9f19cd70523a2)
2017-04-28Update VPP/ODL versions for FDIO scenariosFeng Pan5-107/+23
Pin the same set of FDIO and OpenDaylight versions for all fdio scenarios. Note that fdio_netvirt-fdio still uses a customized ODL version. JIRA: APEX-451 Change-Id: Ic5ac5aeead9967fe383447e23653276cde2dfe60 Signed-off-by: Feng Pan <>
2017-04-27Fixing zrpcd is not startingNikolas Hermanns3-13/+13
JIRA: APEX-437 JIRA: APEX-448 Signed-off-by: Nikolas Hermanns <> Change-Id: I91c1b3bef83c808166072e00c751d8fac3565b5f (cherry picked from commit d81cd2087be5edf5d2c0d98ad71a63360ae8511f)
2017-04-26Sets baremetal workers to 12Tim Rozet3-1/+13
There is an issue where in Newton the number of workers (sub processes) opened per openstack service scales with the number of logical cores on the system. On servers with large amount of processors this causes the cloud to fail after some time due to running out of RAM. This patch will limit the number of worker processes to 12, which is the limit in Ocata and onwards. JIRA: APEX-410 Change-Id: I28c4762830c19cd758a0729017f2d4a9ebe372b4 Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <>
2017-04-22Updates quagga to newer versionTim Rozet1-3/+3
Change-Id: I635b171c15bca40788eefe909eaab3e9d4606db1 Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <> (cherry picked from commit a9dd0037f9e0d02e83c6f3f6fecb1c706c994878)
2017-04-20Add ODL netvirt VPP supportFeng Pan5-2/+56
opnfv-tht-pr: 131 Change-Id: I112d454078bd29a386b8557bf1d015d81f328d61 Signed-off-by: Feng Pan <>