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+This document describes the steps to install an OPNFV Colorado reference
+platform, as defined by the Genesis Project using the Apex installer.
+The audience is assumed to have a good background in networking
+and Linux administration.
+Apex uses Triple-O from the RDO Project OpenStack distribution as a
+provisioning tool. The Triple-O image based life cycle installation
+tool provisions an OPNFV Target System (3 controllers, 2 or more
+compute nodes) with OPNFV specific configuration provided by the Apex
+deployment tool chain.
+The Apex deployment artifacts contain the necessary tools to deploy and
+configure an OPNFV target system using the Apex deployment toolchain.
+These artifacts offer the choice of using the Apex bootable ISO
+(``opnfv-apex-colorado.iso``) to both install CentOS 7 and the
+necessary materials to deploy or the Apex RPMs (``opnfv-apex*.rpm``),
+and their associated dependencies, which expects installation to a
+CentOS 7 libvirt enabled host. The RPM contains a collection of
+configuration files, prebuilt disk images, and the automatic deployment
+script (``opnfv-deploy``).
+An OPNFV install requires a "Jumphost" in order to operate. The bootable
+ISO will allow you to install a customized CentOS 7 release to the Jumphost,
+which includes the required packages needed to run ``opnfv-deploy``.
+If you already have a Jumphost with CentOS 7 installed, you may choose to
+skip the ISO step and simply install the (``opnfv-apex*.rpm``) RPMs. The RPMs
+are the same RPMs included in the ISO and include all the necessary disk
+images and configuration files to execute an OPNFV deployment. Either method
+will prepare a host to the same ready state for OPNFV deployment.
+``opnfv-deploy`` instantiates a Triple-O Undercloud VM server using libvirt
+as its provider. This VM is then configured and used to provision the
+OPNFV target deployment (3 controllers, n compute nodes). These nodes can
+be either virtual or bare metal. This guide contains instructions for
+installing either method.