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Remove downloading undercloud.qcow2
OOO team is removing the undercloud disk image as it is no longer needed for containerized undercloud deployments. Instead, we can just use the overcloud image as the undercloud image. Additionally, OOO team has recommended we use current-tripleo instead of current-tripleo-rdo. current-tripleo-rdo was previously thought to be more stable with more promotion checks, but now it seems that it is older and current-tripleo now has the same stability/checks. This patch also bumps the undercloud RAM from 8GB to 10GB. With the new containerized undercloud there is more RAM consumption during deployment. Change-Id: I9e6bb2260dbe9f8796ee54d20527c0aad96476ec Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <>
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- network-environment.yaml
- instackenv.json
- overcloud-full.qcow2
+ - overcloud-full.vmlinuz
+ - overcloud-full.initrd
+ - ironic-python-agent.initramfs
+ - ironic-python-agent.kernel
- deploy_command
- virtual-environment.yaml
- baremetal-environment.yaml