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-This document provides scenario level details for Fraser 1.0 of
+This document provides scenario level details for Gambia 1.0 of
deployment with the OpenDaylight SDN controller and no extra features enabled.
-This scenario is used primarily to validate and deploy a Pike OpenStack
+This scenario is used primarily to validate and deploy a Queens OpenStack
deployment with OpenDaylight, and without any NFV features enabled.
Scenario components and composition
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Limitations, Issues and Workarounds
-* `APEX-112 <>`_:
- ODL routes local subnet traffic to GW
-* `APEX-149 <>`_:
- OpenFlow rules are populated very slowly
* `APEX-268 <>`_:
VMs with multiple floating IPs can only access via first NIC
-* `APEX-422 <>`_:
- First nova instance DHCP request fails
-For more information on the OPNFV Fraser release, please visit
+For more information on the OPNFV Gambia release, please visit