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authorTim Rozet <>2016-01-11 15:52:48 -0500
committerTim Rozet <>2016-01-12 23:40:21 -0500
commite8231a61f36ce55465890d681fe1c1dfcbd5b6e9 (patch)
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Enables private and storage networks
Fixes issues with common-functions: - ipcalc in epel is old and does not support HOSTMIN,HOSTMAX. Now BROADCAST and NETWORK values used to find first and last IP in subnet. - fixes to auto-generation where values conflicted for IP ranges - provisioner_ip now generated correctly Change-Id: I03c7f841d2e1edb1a50041f53970318b6a718cd9 Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <>
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diff --git a/config/deploy/network/network_settings.yaml b/config/deploy/network/network_settings.yaml
index 2560cc5..6645a86 100644
--- a/config/deploy/network/network_settings.yaml
+++ b/config/deploy/network/network_settings.yaml
@@ -13,7 +13,8 @@ admin_network:
- enabled: false
+ enabled: true
+ cidr:
enabled: true
network_type: ''
@@ -24,9 +25,10 @@ public_network:
- enabled: false
+ enabled: true
+ cidr:
-#admin_network: #Required network, other networks can collapse into this network if not enabled
+#admin_network: #Required network, internal API network, other networks can collapse into this network if not enabled
# enabled: true
# network_type: bridged #Indicates if this network will be bridged to an interface, or to a bond
# bridged_interface: '' #Interface to bridge to for installer VM
@@ -38,7 +40,7 @@ storage_network:
# cidr: #subnet in CIDR format, if empty it will be auto-detected
# dhcp_range:, #dhcp range for the admin network, if empty it will be automatically provisioned
# introspection_range:, #Range used for introspection phase (examining nodes)
-#private_network: #Network for internal API traffic for O/S services and internal tenant traffic
+#private_network: #Network for internal tenant traffic
# enabled: false #If disabled, internal api traffic will collapse to admin_network
#public_network: #Network for external API traffic and external tenant traffic
# enabled: true #If disabled, public_network traffic will collapse to admin network