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Allow common patches file
This patch adds allowing for common patches that should be applied to every scenario to be included. It by default pulls in a file in the deploy directory 'common-patches.yaml', but can optionally be overridden. This patch also includes a patch upstream to fix OSCLI not working anymore due to breakage with the Cinder version in the overcloudrc. Change-Id: I97b9efb937deff07e085b9ef75b9799fb65bfc57 Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <>
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+ undercloud:
+ - change-id: I2e0a40d7902f592e4b7bd727f57048111e0bea36
+ project: openstack/tripleo-common
+ - change-id: Iaa2276aadae351fbc138de258c51d786f69e4395
+ project: openstack/tripleo-common
+ branch: master