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committerGerrit Code Review <gerrit@>2016-06-28 18:58:11 +0000
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Merge changes from topics 'fix_dpdk', 'vlan_support'
* changes: Fixes IP failure during os-collect-config ping check Adding VLAN support
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diff --git a/ci/ b/ci/
index 6a5495c..abf3866 100755
--- a/ci/
+++ b/ci/
@@ -495,7 +495,6 @@ function setup_undercloud_vm {
# extra space to overwrite the previous connectivity output
echo -e "${blue}\r ${reset}"
sleep 1
- ssh -T ${SSH_OPTIONS[@]} "root@$UNDERCLOUD" "if ! ip a s eth2 | grep ${public_network_provisioner_ip} > /dev/null; then ip a a ${public_network_provisioner_ip}/${public_network_cidr##*/} dev eth2; ip link set up dev eth2; fi"
# ssh key fix for stack user
ssh -T ${SSH_OPTIONS[@]} "root@$UNDERCLOUD" "restorecon -r /home/stack"
@@ -665,12 +664,12 @@ function configure_undercloud {
- if ! controller_nic_template=$(python3.4 -B $LIB/python/ nic-template -t $CONFIG/nics-controller.yaml.jinja2 -n "$enabled_network_list" -e $ext_net_type -af $ip_addr_family); then
+ if ! controller_nic_template=$(python3.4 -B $LIB/python/ nic-template -r controller -s $NETSETS -i $net_isolation_enabled -t $CONFIG/nics-template.yaml.jinja2 -n "$enabled_network_list" -e $ext_net_type -af $ip_addr_family); then
echo -e "${red}ERROR: Failed to generate controller NIC heat template ${reset}"
exit 1
- if ! compute_nic_template=$(python3.4 -B $LIB/python/ nic-template -t $CONFIG/nics-compute.yaml.jinja2 -n "$enabled_network_list" -e $ext_net_type -af $ip_addr_family -d "$ovs_dpdk_bridge"); then
+ if ! compute_nic_template=$(python3.4 -B $LIB/python/ nic-template -r compute -s $NETSETS -i $net_isolation_enabled -t $CONFIG/nics-template.yaml.jinja2 -n "$enabled_network_list" -e $ext_net_type -af $ip_addr_family -d "$ovs_dpdk_bridge"); then
echo -e "${red}ERROR: Failed to generate compute NIC heat template ${reset}"
exit 1
@@ -773,6 +772,30 @@ sudo sed -i '/#workers\s=/c\workers = 2' /etc/heat/heat.conf
sudo systemctl restart openstack-heat-engine
sudo systemctl restart openstack-heat-api
+# configure external network
+ ssh -T ${SSH_OPTIONS[@]} "root@$UNDERCLOUD" << EOI
+if [[ "$public_network_vlan" != "native" ]]; then
+ cat <<EOF > /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-vlan${public_network_vlan}
+ ifup vlan${public_network_vlan}
+ if ! ip a s eth2 | grep ${public_network_provisioner_ip} > /dev/null; then
+ ip a a ${public_network_provisioner_ip}/${public_network_cidr##*/} dev eth2
+ ip link set up dev eth2
+ fi
# WORKAROUND: must restart the above services to fix sync problem with nova compute manager
# TODO: revisit and file a bug if necessary. This should eventually be removed
# as well as glance api problem