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Adds ability to deploy from upstream openstack
To deploy with upstream openstack branch, use new deploy setting 'os_version'. A default scenario file for nosdn with pike has been included in this patch. If 'os_version' is a version other than the default version for this OPNFV release, then upstream is used. In order to use upstream with the current OS version use '--upstream' argument to the deploy command, to force an upstream deployment. Also include '-e upstream-environment.yaml' to use default upstream deployment settings. Supports nosdn and odl-nofeature deployments. Change-Id: Ic07e308827b449637b4e86cdd086434e4de2fb69 Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <>
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diff --git a/build/network-environment.yaml b/build/network-environment.yaml
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@@ -59,15 +59,6 @@ resource_registry:
OS::TripleO::Compute::Net::SoftwareConfig: nics/compute.yaml
OS::TripleO::Controller::Net::SoftwareConfig: nics/controller.yaml
- # Services
- OS::TripleO::Services::SwiftStorage: OS::Heat::None
- OS::TripleO::Services::SwiftRingBuilder: OS::Heat::None
- OS::TripleO::Services::SwiftProxy: OS::Heat::None
- # Extra Config
- OS::TripleO::ComputeExtraConfigPre: OS::Heat::None
- OS::TripleO::ControllerExtraConfigPre: OS::Heat::None
NeutronExternalNetworkBridge: 'br-ex'