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authorDan Radez <>2016-04-05 14:22:05 -0400
committerDan Radez <>2016-04-05 23:49:07 -0400
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Makefile & updates for RPM Building
- fix the undercloud dependancy chain so the tarball gets rolled now - adding rpm-check jobs for each of the rpms, this runs the build but doesn't spit out the rpm file - added conditionals for rpm-check commands, only take the time to run them if the Makefile or specs have changed Change-Id: I9731b278d06d92deb3f69066ba4468e64647582d Signed-off-by: Dan Radez <>
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diff --git a/build/Makefile b/build/Makefile
index 36c6e69..e7def26 100644
--- a/build/Makefile
+++ b/build/Makefile
@@ -41,13 +41,19 @@ rpms-check: common-rpm-check undercloud-rpm-check opendaylight-rpm-check onos-rp
.PHONY: rpms-clean
rpms-clean: common-rpm-clean undercloud-rpm-clean opendaylight-rpm-clean onos-rpm-clean opendaylight-sfc-rpm-clean
+ pushd ../ && git archive --format=tar.gz --prefix=opnfv-apex-common-$(RPMVERS)/ HEAD > build/opnfv-apex-common.tar.gz
+.PHONY: common-rpm-check
+common-rpm-check: opnfv-apex-common.tar.gz
+ rpmbuild --clean -bi -bl opnfv-apex-common.spec -D '_topdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_builddir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_sourcedir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_rpmdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_specdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_srcrpmdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D "release $(shell echo $(RELEASE) | tr -d '_-')"
.PHONY: common-rpm
-common-rpm: $(RPMCOM)
+common-rpm: opnfv-apex-common.tar.gz $(RPMCOM)
@echo "Building the Apex Common RPM"
# build the common RPM
- pushd ../ && git archive --format=tar.gz --prefix=opnfv-apex-common-$(RPMVERS)/ HEAD > build/opnfv-apex-common.tar.gz
rpmbuild --clean -ba opnfv-apex-common.spec -D '_topdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_builddir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_sourcedir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_rpmdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_specdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_srcrpmdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D "release $(shell echo $(RELEASE) | tr -d '_-')"
@@ -65,10 +71,7 @@ images/undercloud.qcow2:
@echo "Building the Apex Undercloud Image"
-.PHONY: undercloud-rpm-prep
-undercloud-rpm-prep: opnfv-apex-undercloud.tar
-opnfv-apex-undercloud.tar: images/undercloud.qcow2
+opnfv-apex-undercloud.tar.gz: images/undercloud.qcow2
@echo "Preparing the Apex Undercloud RPM prerequisites"
pushd ../ && git archive --format=tar --prefix=opnfv-apex-undercloud-$(RPMVERS)/ HEAD > build/opnfv-apex-undercloud.tar
tar -rf opnfv-apex-undercloud.tar \
@@ -76,11 +79,11 @@ opnfv-apex-undercloud.tar: images/undercloud.qcow2
gzip -f opnfv-apex-undercloud.tar
.PHONY: undercloud-rpm-check
-undercloud-rpm-check: undercloud-rpm-prep
- rpmbuild --clean -bi -bl opnfv-apex-undercloud.spec -D '_topdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_builddir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_sourcedir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_rpmdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_specdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_srcrpmdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D "release $(shell echo $(RELEASE) | tr -d '_-')"
+undercloud-rpm-check: opnfv-apex-undercloud.tar.gz
+ rpmbuild --clean -bi -bl opnfv-apex-undercloud.spec -D '_topdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_builddir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_sourcedir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_rpmdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_specdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_srcrpmdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D "release $(shell echo $(RELEASE) | tr -d '_-')"
.PHONY: undercloud-rpm
-undercloud-rpm: images/undercloud.qcow2 $(RPMUDR)
+undercloud-rpm: opnfv-apex-undercloud.tar.gz $(RPMUDR)
@echo "Building the Apex Undercloud RPM"
@@ -117,13 +120,19 @@ images/overcloud-full-opendaylight.qcow2: images/overcloud-full.qcow2
@echo "Building the Apex OpenDaylight Overcloud Image"
+opnfv-apex.tar.gz: images/overcloud-full-opendaylight.qcow2
+ tar -czf opnfv-apex.tar.gz --xform="s:images/overcloud-full-opendaylight.qcow2:opnfv-apex-$(RPMVERS)/build/images/overcloud-full-opendaylight.qcow2:" images/overcloud-full-opendaylight.qcow2
+.PHONY: opendaylight-rpm-check
+opendaylight-rpm-check: opnfv-apex.tar.gz
+ rpmbuild --clean -bi -bl opnfv-apex.spec -D '_topdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_builddir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_sourcedir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_rpmdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_specdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_srcrpmdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D "release $(shell echo $(RELEASE) | tr -d '_-')"
.PHONY: opendaylight-rpm
-opendaylight-rpm: overcloud-opendaylight $(RPMODL)
+opendaylight-rpm: opnfv-apex.tar.gz $(RPMODL)
@echo "Building the Apex OpenDaylight RPM"
# build the overcloud RPM
- tar -czf opnfv-apex.tar.gz --xform="s:images/overcloud-full-opendaylight.qcow2:opnfv-apex-$(RPMVERS)/build/images/overcloud-full-opendaylight.qcow2:" images/overcloud-full-opendaylight.qcow2
rpmbuild --clean -ba opnfv-apex.spec -D '_topdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_builddir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_sourcedir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_rpmdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_specdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_srcrpmdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D "release $(shell echo $(RELEASE) | tr -d '_-')"
@@ -147,13 +156,19 @@ images/overcloud-full-onos.qcow2: images/overcloud-full.qcow2
@rpmbuild --clean opnfv-apex-onos.spec -D "release $(shell echo $RELEASE | tr -d '_-')"
+opnfv-apex-onos.tar.gz: images/overcloud-full-onos.qcow2
+ tar -czf opnfv-apex-onos.tar.gz --xform="s:images/overcloud-full-onos.qcow2:opnfv-apex-onos-$(RPMVERS)/build/images/overcloud-full-onos.qcow2:" images/overcloud-full-onos.qcow2
+.PHONY: onos-rpm-check
+onos-rpm-check: opnfv-apex-onos.tar.gz
+ rpmbuild --clean -bi -bl opnfv-apex-onos.spec -D '_topdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_builddir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_sourcedir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_rpmdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_specdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_srcrpmdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D "release $(shell echo $(RELEASE) | tr -d '_-')"
.PHONY: onos-rpm
-onos-rpm: overcloud-onos $(RPMONO)
+onos-rpm: opnfv-apex-onos.tar.gz $(RPMONO)
@echo "Building the Apex ONOS RPM"
# build the overcloud RPM
- tar -czf opnfv-apex-onos.tar.gz --xform="s:images/overcloud-full-onos.qcow2:opnfv-apex-onos-$(RPMVERS)/build/images/overcloud-full-onos.qcow2:" images/overcloud-full-onos.qcow2
rpmbuild --clean -ba opnfv-apex-onos.spec -D '_topdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_builddir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_sourcedir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_rpmdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_specdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_srcrpmdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D "release $(shell echo $(RELEASE) | tr -d '_-')"
@@ -171,12 +186,18 @@ images/overcloud-full-opendaylight-sfc.qcow2: images/overcloud-full-opendaylight
@echo "Building the Apex OpenDaylight Overcloud Image"
+opnfv-apex-opendaylight-sfc.tar.gz: images/overcloud-full-opendaylight-sfc.qcow2
+ tar -czf opnfv-apex-opendaylight-sfc.tar.gz --xform="s:images/overcloud-full-opendaylight-sfc.qcow2:opnfv-apex-opendaylight-sfc-$(RPMVERS)/build/images/overcloud-full-opendaylight-sfc.qcow2:" images/overcloud-full-opendaylight-sfc.qcow2
+.PHONY: opendaylight-sfc-rpm-check
+opendaylight-sfc-rpm-check: opnfv-apex-opendaylight-sfc.tar.gz
+ rpmbuild --clean -bi -bl opnfv-apex-opendaylight-sfc.spec -D '_topdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_builddir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_sourcedir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_rpmdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_specdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_srcrpmdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D "release $(shell echo $(RELEASE) | tr -d '_-')"
.PHONY: opendaylight-sfc-rpm
-opendaylight-sfc-rpm: overcloud-opendaylight-sfc $(RPMSFC)
+opendaylight-sfc-rpm: opnfv-apex-opendaylight-sfc.tar.gz $(RPMSFC)
@echo "Building the Apex OpenDaylight SFC RPM"
- tar -czf opnfv-apex-opendaylight-sfc.tar.gz --xform="s:images/overcloud-full-opendaylight-sfc.qcow2:opnfv-apex-opendaylight-sfc-$(RPMVERS)/build/images/overcloud-full-opendaylight-sfc.qcow2:" images/overcloud-full-opendaylight-sfc.qcow2
rpmbuild --clean -ba opnfv-apex-opendaylight-sfc.spec -D '_topdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_builddir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_sourcedir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_rpmdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_specdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_srcrpmdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D "release $(shell echo $(RELEASE) | tr -d '_-')"