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Disabling ONOS from Danube
Integration work for ONOS in Danube was not completed. Disabling this scenario for this release. Disabling completed mostly by commenting out sections enabling easy re-enabling next release once integration work is completed. Change-Id: I1d7b457e8234bf6bb299b9908b356040e68370e5 Signed-off-by: Dan Radez <>
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@@ -60,14 +60,17 @@ clean:
rm -rf $(CACHE_DIR)
+# ONOS integration did not get updated for Danube,
+# removing it from the default builds
.PHONY: images
-images: undercloud overcloud-full overcloud-opendaylight overcloud-onos
+images: undercloud overcloud-full overcloud-opendaylight # overcloud-onos
.PHONY: rpms
-rpms: common-rpm undercloud-rpm opendaylight-rpm onos-rpm
+rpms: common-rpm undercloud-rpm opendaylight-rpm # onos-rpm
.PHONY: rpms-check
-rpms-check: release-rpm-check common-rpm-check undercloud-rpm-check opendaylight-rpm-check onos-rpm-check
+rpms-check: release-rpm-check common-rpm-check undercloud-rpm-check opendaylight-rpm-check # onos-rpm-check
.PHONY: rpms-clean