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authorDan Radez <>2016-03-08 16:19:04 -0500
committerDan Radez <>2016-04-01 19:12:25 -0400
commit9a96f371f290fdf8530239a4c0df591527fe636f (patch)
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parent53003f9fef6b49304f37e5fbb5d15bc4f1316948 (diff)
Migrating to Mitaka
- Only support for NOSDN for this patch - Other SDN controllers will not be tested for this patch - AODH is now upstream and not needed to be carried in Apex - puppet-cinder-quota-fix.patch is now upstream and not needed to be carried in Apex - puppet-neutron-force-metadata.patch is now upstream and not needed to be carried in Apex - removing the catalog of nic files and creating a templatization for them JIRA: APEX-108 JIRA: APEX-93 JIRA: APEX-92 Change-Id: Ic1a24baec7ef295e9dc1b8b72ac36ca5b05578ea Signed-off-by: Dan Radez <>
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diff --git a/build/Makefile b/build/Makefile
index 53f8a48..36c6e69 100644
--- a/build/Makefile
+++ b/build/Makefile
@@ -35,6 +35,9 @@ images-clean: undercloud-clean overcloud-full-clean overcloud-opendaylight-clean
.PHONY: rpms
rpms: common-rpm undercloud-rpm opendaylight-rpm onos-rpm opendaylight-sfc-rpm
+.PHONY: rpms-check
+rpms-check: common-rpm-check undercloud-rpm-check opendaylight-rpm-check onos-rpm-check opendaylight-sfc-rpm-check
.PHONY: rpms-clean
rpms-clean: common-rpm-clean undercloud-rpm-clean opendaylight-rpm-clean onos-rpm-clean opendaylight-sfc-rpm-clean
@@ -62,16 +65,25 @@ images/undercloud.qcow2:
@echo "Building the Apex Undercloud Image"
-.PHONY: undercloud-rpm
-undercloud-rpm: images/undercloud.qcow2 $(RPMUDR)
+.PHONY: undercloud-rpm-prep
+undercloud-rpm-prep: opnfv-apex-undercloud.tar
- @echo "Building the Apex Undercloud RPM"
- # build the undercloud RPM
+opnfv-apex-undercloud.tar: images/undercloud.qcow2
+ @echo "Preparing the Apex Undercloud RPM prerequisites"
pushd ../ && git archive --format=tar --prefix=opnfv-apex-undercloud-$(RPMVERS)/ HEAD > build/opnfv-apex-undercloud.tar
tar -rf opnfv-apex-undercloud.tar \
--xform="s:images/undercloud.qcow2:opnfv-apex-undercloud-$(RPMVERS)/build/undercloud.qcow2:" images/undercloud.qcow2
gzip -f opnfv-apex-undercloud.tar
+.PHONY: undercloud-rpm-check
+undercloud-rpm-check: undercloud-rpm-prep
+ rpmbuild --clean -bi -bl opnfv-apex-undercloud.spec -D '_topdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_builddir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_sourcedir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_rpmdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_specdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_srcrpmdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D "release $(shell echo $(RELEASE) | tr -d '_-')"
+.PHONY: undercloud-rpm
+undercloud-rpm: images/undercloud.qcow2 $(RPMUDR)
+ @echo "Building the Apex Undercloud RPM"
rpmbuild --clean -ba opnfv-apex-undercloud.spec -D '_topdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_builddir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_sourcedir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_rpmdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_specdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D '_srcrpmdir %(echo `pwd`)' -D "release $(shell echo $(RELEASE) | tr -d '_-')"
@@ -80,6 +92,7 @@ $(RPMUDR):
.PHONY: overcloud-full-clean
+ @rm -rf images/overcloud-full.d
@rm -f images/overcloud-full.*
.PHONY: overcloud-full