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authorTim Rozet <>2017-12-04 11:20:23 -0500
committerTim Rozet <>2018-03-16 14:51:33 -0400
commitf6dbb3929d904b4d5a9ee01f8270051e29ac1ec3 (patch)
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Enables containerized overcloud deployments
Changes Include: - For upstream deployments, Docker local registry will be updated with latest current RDO containers, regular deployments will use latest stable - Upstream container images will then be patched/modified and then re-uploaded into local docker registry with 'apex' tag - Deployment command modified to deploy with containers - Adds a --no-fetch deployment argument to disable pulling latest from upstream, and instead using what already exists in cache - Moves Undercloud NAT setup to just after undercloud is installed. This provides internet during overcloud install which is now required for upstream container deployments. - Creates loop device for Ceph deployment when no device is provided in deploy settings (for container deployment only) - Updates NIC J2 template to use the new format in OOO since the os-apply-config method is now deprecated in > Queens JIRA: APEX-566 JIRA: APEX-549 Change-Id: I0652c194c059b915a942ac7401936e8f5c69d1fa Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <>
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diff --git a/apex/common/ b/apex/common/
index b727b11..cb7cbe1 100644
--- a/apex/common/
+++ b/apex/common/
@@ -22,6 +22,8 @@ import urllib.request
import urllib.parse
import yaml
+from apex.common import exceptions as exc
def str2bool(var):
if isinstance(var, bool):
@@ -139,30 +141,45 @@ def run_ansible(ansible_vars, playbook, host='localhost', user='root',
raise Exception(e)
-def fetch_upstream_and_unpack(dest, url, targets):
+def fetch_upstream_and_unpack(dest, url, targets, fetch=True):
Fetches targets from a url destination and downloads them if they are
newer. Also unpacks tar files in dest dir.
:param dest: Directory to download and unpack files to
:param url: URL where target files are located
:param targets: List of target files to download
+ :param fetch: Whether or not to fetch latest from internet (boolean)
:return: None
os.makedirs(dest, exist_ok=True)
assert isinstance(targets, list)
for target in targets:
- download_target = True
target_url = urllib.parse.urljoin(url, target)
target_dest = os.path.join(dest, target)
- logging.debug("Fetching and comparing upstream target: \n{}".format(
- target_url))
- try:
- u = urllib.request.urlopen(target_url)
- except urllib.error.URLError as e:
- logging.error("Failed to fetch target url. Error: {}".format(
- e.reason))
- raise
- if os.path.isfile(target_dest):
+ target_exists = os.path.isfile(target_dest)
+ if fetch:
+ download_target = True
+ elif not target_exists:
+ logging.warning("no-fetch requested but target: {} is not "
+ "cached, will download".format(target_dest))
+ download_target = True
+ else:
+"no-fetch requested and previous cache exists for "
+ "target: {}. Will skip download".format(target_dest))
+ download_target = False
+ if download_target:
+ logging.debug("Fetching and comparing upstream"
+ " target: \n{}".format(target_url))
+ try:
+ u = urllib.request.urlopen(target_url)
+ except urllib.error.URLError as e:
+ logging.error("Failed to fetch target url. Error: {}".format(
+ e.reason))
+ raise
+ # Check if previous file and fetch we need to compare files to
+ # determine if download is necessary
+ if target_exists and download_target:
logging.debug("Previous file found: {}".format(target_dest))
metadata =
headers = metadata.items()
@@ -186,6 +203,7 @@ def fetch_upstream_and_unpack(dest, url, targets):
download_target = False
logging.debug('Unable to find last modified url date')
if download_target:
urllib.request.urlretrieve(target_url, filename=target_dest)"Target downloaded: {}".format(target))
@@ -220,3 +238,26 @@ def internet_connectivity():
except (urllib.request.URLError, socket.timeout):
logging.debug('No internet connectivity detected')
return False
+def open_webpage(url, timeout=5):
+ try:
+ response = urllib.request.urlopen(url, timeout=timeout)
+ return
+ except (urllib.request.URLError, socket.timeout):
+ logging.error("Unable to open URL: {}".format(url))
+ raise
+def edit_tht_env(env_file, section, settings):
+ assert isinstance(settings, dict)
+ with open(env_file) as fh:
+ data = yaml.safe_load(fh)
+ if section not in data.keys():
+ data[section] = {}
+ for setting, value in settings.items():
+ data[section][setting] = value
+ with open(env_file, 'w') as fh:
+ yaml.safe_dump(data, fh, default_flow_style=False)
+ logging.debug("Data written to env file {}:\n{}".format(env_file, data))