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Merge "Corrected a couple of errors in the installation instructions" into stable/brahmaputra
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@@ -136,7 +136,7 @@ needs to be added to the ``inventory.yaml`` file.
- ``ipmi_ip``: IPMI IP Address
- ``ipmi_user``: IPMI username
- ``ipmi_password``: IPMI password
- - ``ipmi_type``: Power Management driver to use for the node
+ - ``pm_type``: Power Management driver to use for the node
- ``cpus``: (Introspected*) CPU cores available
- ``memory``: (Introspected*) Memory available in Mib
- ``disk``: (Introspected*) Disk space available in Gb
@@ -170,7 +170,7 @@ You are now ready to deploy OPNFV using Apex!
Follow the steps below to execute:
1. Execute opnfv-deploy
- ``sudo opnfv-deploy [ --flat | -n network_setttings.yaml ] -i inventory.yaml -d deploy_settings.yaml``
+ ``sudo opnfv-deploy [ --flat | -n network_settings.yaml ] -i inventory.yaml -d deploy_settings.yaml``
If you need more information about the options that can be passed to opnfv-deploy use ``opnfv-deploy --help``
--flat will collapse all networks onto a single nic, -n network_settings.yaml allows you to customize your
networking topology.