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2017-04-03FQDN validationMatthew Flusche1-0/+18
Adds optional validation to ensure FQDN set by Nova matches /etc/hosts as created by overcloud heat configuration. Consistent FQDN requires the nova parameter [Default]/dhcp_domain to match the CloudDomain tht parameter. This validation is disabled by default. Change-Id: Ib5689acae66baf63ecccbc3b1c0b96684781b863 (cherry picked from commit bae2d113938b9bb22d4c291ae312d2299187f72b) Partial-Bug: #1581472
2016-05-09Change ping wait flagFeng Pan1-1/+1
This is an optimization of the ping command. It changes ping test from waiting for a single sent packet for 300 seconds to waiting to receive a packet from any number of sent packets. The current implemenation waits for full 300 seconds before retrying if we do not get a reply for the first packet sent. By using -w flag, we keep sending icmp packets until a reply is sent, making the ping test more responsive to connectivity change. Change-Id: I01ab374ae44718c8d56e2d7f35812dfb5bb2ce5a Signed-off-by: Feng Pan <fpan@redhat.com>
2016-04-13Add ping_retry functionDan Prince1-5/+22
This patch cleans up the retry logic so that it is all consolidated in the same function. Change-Id: I003afe4963e2af8d55f11a4ae4867e563a22134f Related-bug: #1567011
2016-04-06Revert "Ping retry"Dan Prince1-13/+7
This reverts commit 570c690bfb118e0cf130b7dbed7992676519ed9b. This patch broke the ping_gateway_function when using IPv6 network isolation. Change-Id: I57850a527804f2e753270fd9063d119d41a83b17 Closes-bug: #1567011
2016-03-29Ping retryJoe Talerico1-7/+13
The single ping method in the validation script is causing for deployments to fail. When reviewing the network connectivity, we are finding we actually do have connectivity ( https://gist.github.com/jtaleric/0276a117625e44993be0 ). This patch is to change the ping count from 1 to 10, to ensure the network is up. Closes-Bug: 1563521 Change-Id: I9772407554dffa91978a49a16490ef9ed448a054
2016-02-29Use set -e for validation-scripts/all-nodes.shDan Prince1-0/+5
Update this script to use 'set -e' for all commands except the ping checks themselves which we allow to fail so we can give enhanced output. This resolves an issue where some commands could fail and cause an undetectable error (the scripted exits with success) thus causing a case where Heat won't detect any network errors at all. This was recently the case with git commit 45be848 where we switched to use python -c 'import ipaddr' which wasn't even installed as a library on our overcloud nodes, thus causing all network validations to silently fail. Change-Id: I40ed6a537136e866357cc0d9304e905afdd28522 Depends-On: Ia617f44b4673b89202e5e5cdcac9b50f46b3e6c8 Related-bug: #1551048
2016-01-20Adds v6 capability to the deploy validation test (pings)marios1-16/+18
This changes the ping_controller_ips function in the all-nodes.sh bash validation script which is run during deployment to check network connectivity (to fail early). The main differences are using the v6 routes when it is a v6 address and using python -c to check if the v6 address is in the network and (thanks emachi!) using ping6 instead of ping. Closes-Bug: 1534578 Change-Id: Id41950f767e11884b4123fcb0bd2339636fdda68
2015-10-21Add validation to ping the default gateway(s)Dan Prince1-1/+19
This patch adds a new function that runs on all nodes so that all default gateways are ping tested early on during the installation process (before any puppet is executed) Note: this change depends on the static control plane network IPs because some distros allow/create multiple default routes without this patch (see depends-on below). Depends-On: Ib267e6dcf2d5ff77f7a82ee20a123965c2d07565 Change-Id: Ida125e79f3e549cae66be9dbd562197afa6400a5
2015-10-21Ensure ping returns after 5mins timeoutGiulio Fidente1-1/+1
This change ensures the validation script returns (with a failure) if the ping command remains stuck waiting for a response for more than 5 minutes. Change-Id: Ib184a01e04fe3c5e3ad13757a355735fff84548d
2015-07-24network validation to ping test each interfaceDan Prince1-0/+29
This patches wires in a new "all nodes" validation resource that can be used to add validations that occur early on during the deployment process. This occurs after the nodes have been brought online and the initial networks have been configured but before any "post" (puppet, etc.) sort of configuration has been executed. A initial validation script has been added to ping test network IPs on each network. When using network isolation this will ensure network connectivity (vlans, etc) are working on each node and if not the heat stack will fail early, allowing time to fix the network connections and retry the stack creation via an update. Change-Id: I63cf95b27e8ad2aed48718cf84df5f324780e597 Co-Authored-By: Ian Main <imain@redhat.com> Co-Authored-By: Ryan Hallisey <rhallise@redhat.com>