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2014-11-10Don't replace OS::Neutron::Port on update of undercloudJames Polley1-0/+1
This change is congruent with I6dd02ae17407f8f4c81ae418e5027f4f38ae4e9b but applies to undercloud configs rather than overcloud configs. I've listed this as closing 138709 even though that bug didn't talk about the undercloud as this seems like it's another instance of the same issue seen there. Change-Id: I3ee80043bb455460991e78525fa4310934df4697 Closes-Bug: #1383709
2014-08-28Expose public_interface_tag support.Robert Collins1-0/+36
Proper VLAN support requires adding the IP address to a new device, rather than br-ex/br-ctlplane. This is added in the tripleo-image-elements change https://review.openstack.org/103449 (I3f77f72ac623792e844dbb4d501b6ab269141f8e) and here we just expose it with appropriate glue to get the IP address from Neutron. With this we can now describe a VLAN public interface scenario to the undercloud and overcloud control planes. Change-Id: I4d2194fc813aebb0708d6fddf4f05bae5f091fd8