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2017-08-21Add logrotate with crond serviceBogdan Dobrelya1-0/+1
Add a docker service template to provide containerized services logs rotation with a crond job. Add OS::TripleO::Services::LogrotateCrond to CI multinode-containers and to all environments among with generic services like Ntp or Kernel. Set it to OS::Heat::None for non containerized environments and only enable it to the environments/docker.yaml. Closes-bug: #1700912 Change-Id: Ic94373f0a0758e9959e1f896481780674437147d Signed-off-by: Bogdan Dobrelya <bdobreli@redhat.com>
2017-07-25Adding Tuned ServiceJoe Talerico1-0/+1
Allow the user to set a specific Tuned profile on a given host. Defaults to throughput-performance Change-Id: I0c66193d2733b7a82ad44b1cd0d2187dd732065a
2017-07-23Drop MongoDB from the undercloudDan Prince1-1/+0
This patch drops MongoDB from the undercloud and swaps in a 'swift' and 'sqlalchemy' versions for the Zaqar backends. Change-Id: Ic6600f284dfbf4360b42598d3651b4c0f8046d1c
2017-07-07Add in roles data validationAlex Schultz1-1/+2
With the merging of Iad3e9b215c6f21ba761c8360bb7ed531e34520e6 the roles_data.yaml should be generated with tripleoclient rather than edited. This change adds in a pep8 task to verify that the appropriate role files in roles/ have been modified to match how our default roles_data.yaml is constructed. Additionally this change adds a new tox target called 'genrolesdata' that will all you to automatically generate roles_data.yaml and roles_data_undercloud.yaml Change-Id: I5eb15443a131a122d1a4abf6fc15a3ac3e15941b Related-Blueprint: example-custom-role-environments
2017-06-16Merge "Add templates to configure Ironic inspector"Jenkins1-0/+1
2017-06-15Merge "Containerize Ceilometer Agent Ipmi"Jenkins1-0/+1
2017-06-13Containerize Ceilometer Agent IpmiPradeep Kilambi1-0/+1
Depends-On: I3e865f2e9b6935eb3dfa4b4579c803f0127848ae Change-Id: I09327a63d238a130b6ac0f2361f80e2b244b4b52
2017-06-12Move iscsid to a containerDan Prince1-0/+1
This configures iscsid so that it runs as a container on relevant roles (undercloud, controller, compute, and volume). When the iscsid docker service is provision it will also run an ansible snippet that disables the iscsid.socket on the host OS thus disabling the hosts systemd from auto-starting iscsid as it normally does. Co-Authored-By: Jon Bernard <jobernar@redhat.com> Change-Id: I2ea741ad978f166e199d47ed1b52369e9b031f1f
2017-06-09Add templates to configure Ironic inspectorDan Prince1-0/+1
Implements: blueprint ironic-inspector-composable-service Co-Authored-By: Dmitry Tantsur <dtantsur@redhat.com> Change-Id: I825516f9f5c2b0c03a3f497d6954022714aab988
2017-06-07Standardize example role definitionsAlex Schultz1-24/+33
As we create new standard roles, we should include them from a single location for ease of use and to reduce the duplication of the role definitions elsewhere. This change adds a roles folder to the THT that can be used with the new roles commands in python-tripleoclient by the end user to generate a roles_data.yaml from a standard set of roles. Depends-On: I326bae5bdee088e03aa89128d253612ef89e5c0c Change-Id: Iad3e9b215c6f21ba761c8360bb7ed531e34520e6 Related-Blueprint: example-custom-role-environments
2017-05-16Containerize Ceilometer AgentsPradeep Kilambi1-0/+2
Depends-on: I30ba93f76171e5993b5f0e1d7f1f5533acb25740 Closes-bug: #1668925 Change-Id: I3cb61d2d8765f9c2601bb00c4bfa24162883b96a
2017-05-01Disable Telemetry services on undercloud containersPradeep Kilambi1-8/+8
We dont deploy telemetry by default on undercloud anymore. Lets disable by default and provide an env file to enable on demand. Change-Id: I03807b3b75bb038c2d2bb342f3327e6eca2f3976
2017-04-12Add tags to rolesAlex Schultz1-1/+4
Prior to Ocata, the Controller role was hardcoded for various lookups. When we switched to having the primary role name being dynamically pulled from the roles_data.yaml using the first role as the primary role as part of I36df7fa86c2ff40026d59f02248af529a4a81861, it introduced a regression for folks who had previously been using a custom roles file without the Controller being listed first. Instead of relying on the position of the role in the roles data, this change adds the concepts of tags to the role data that can be used when looking for specific functionality within the deployment process. If no roles are specified with this the tags indicating a 'primary' 'controller', it will fall back to using the first role listed in the roles data as the primary role. Change-Id: Id3377e7d7dcc88ba9a61ca9ef1fb669949714f65 Closes-Bug: #1677374
2017-03-17Containerize panko api serviceFlavio Percoco1-0/+1
Co-Authored-By: Pradeep Kilambi <pkilambi@redhat.com> Closes-bug: #1668918 Change-Id: Ie1ebd25965bd2dbad2a22161da0022bad0b9e554
2017-03-13Containerize gnocchi servicesPradeep Kilambi1-0/+3
Closes-bug: #1668928 Change-Id: I291df31be97c3d55cddb3924482aa5976a79c2b1
2017-03-10Containerize Aodh alarm servicesPradeep Kilambi1-0/+4
Closes-bug: #1668930 Change-Id: If5dff4388b255373083e164a74aaacd529a94111
2017-03-02Enable IronicPxe in the undercloudDan Prince1-0/+1
This enables the IronicPxe services which are split out into separate templates for the containerized undercloud. Change-Id: I0ec3cefec9b47ef3c59de6972541ef9b560aacb7
2017-01-18Merge "Remove Glance Registry service"Jenkins1-1/+0
2017-01-17Nova Placement API composable serviceEmilien Macchi1-0/+1
Add support to deploy Nova Placement API service in TripleO. Change-Id: Ie41ebc362a0695c8f55419e231100c63007405ed
2017-01-16Remove Glance Registry serviceEmilien Macchi1-1/+0
Glance registry is not required for the v2 of the API and there are plans to deprecate it in the glance community. Let's remove v1 support since it has been deprecated for a while in Glance. Depends-On: I77db1e1789fba0fb8ac014d6d1f8f5a8ae98ae84 Co-Authored: Flavio Percoco <flaper87@gmail.com> Change-Id: I0cd722e8c5a43fd19336e23a7fada71c257a8e2d
2017-01-06Template and role support for the undercloudDan Prince1-0/+35
Add a new roles data YAML file and environment to help create the undercloud via t-h-t. Partially-implements: blueprint heat-undercloud Change-Id: I36df7fa86c2ff40026d59f02248af529a4a81861