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2016-09-30j2 template role config templatesSteven Hardy1-44/+0
This means the user won't have to manually specify e.g the OS::TripleO::ACustomRoleConfig resource manually. Partial-Bug: 1626976 Change-Id: I063571d4c5cbc2f295a7a044d81c27d703bd0e10 Depends-On: I9f920e191344040a564214f3f9a1147b265e9ff3
2016-09-30Replace per role manifests with a common role manifestSteven Hardy1-3/+6
This removes the (nearly empty) per role manifests, and replaces them with a generic manifest, where we use str_replace to substitute the role name at runtime (or in some cases a subset of the name for backwards compatibility) Change-Id: I79da0f523189959b783bbcbb3b0f37be778e02fe Partial-Bug: #1626976
2016-09-21Define step input as a Number typeSteven Hardy1-0/+3
Currently we pass numbers in (hard-coded in post.j2.yaml) but the SoftwareConfig schema defaults to String. If puppet requires an integer number, setting this type may help preserve the type for the hook. Change-Id: Ie9227d7adb58ea3c791aa459a1ab5b17ad935919
2016-08-17Use modulepath for PuppetJiri Stransky1-0/+1
We only create the /etc/puppet/modules symlinks during image building, so as we update the openstack-puppet-modules RPM during the lifecycle of a deployment, the symlinks can get out of date and some modules aren't find. This patch adds modulepath for puppet deployments, getting rid of the need for our Puppet modules to be symlinked from /etc/puppet/modules. If there are some already symlinked, they will take precedence. Also modules installed from source to /opt/stack/puppet-modules will take precedence over packaged modules in /usr/share/openstack-puppet/modules. Change-Id: I626a596478be7c55500f9e3c7118ef64ff28aaae Closes-Bug: #1613211
2016-07-25Convert Swift ringbuilder to composable services formatSteven Hardy1-1/+0
This moves the ringbuilder puppet code to puppet-tripleo and migrates to the composable services format. Closes-Bug: #1601857 Change-Id: I0ea2230072d3ff61a4047ffff1f4187951370f67 Depends-On: I427f0b5ee93a0870d43419009178e0690ac66bd6
2016-03-31Configure ControllerServices via resource chainsDan Prince1-0/+5
This patch wires in a new for Mitaka Heat feature that allows us to dynamically include a set of nested stacks representing individual services via a Heat resource chain. Follow on patches will use this interface to decompose the controller role into isolated services. Co-Authored-By: Steve Hardy <shardy@redhat.com> Depends-On: If510abe260ea7852dfe2d1f7f92b529979483068 Change-Id: I84c97a76159704c2d6c963bc4b26e365764b1366
2016-03-25Increment step count to include ringbuilderDan Prince1-1/+4
This patch wires in ringbuilder.pp so that it is always asserted like the other manifests and it fixes the misaligned step sequencing in calling our overcloud controller manifests. Previously it was called as a separate software deployment outside of the hiera step sequence. This made things confusing in controller-post.yaml since the deployment names didn't align with the step hiera variables after step 3. Now that we call it just like the other modules it should make gradually moving this code to puppet-tripleo more straightforward as well. Change-Id: Ibd4f51f65da475bb20a6b08d7bda673f330a5464
2015-09-30Allow enabling debug mode for config management (Puppet)Jiri Stransky1-0/+7
Also adds an environment file which can be passed to heat stack-create to enable debugging. Change-Id: I9758e2ca3de6a0bed6d20c37ea19e48f47220721 Depends-On: Ie92d1714a8d7e59d347474039be999bd3a2b542f
2015-05-20Overcloud: bump HOT version to 2015-04-30Dan Prince1-1/+1
This patch bumps the HOT version for the overcloud to Kilo 2015-04-30. We should have already done this since we are making use of OS::stack_id (a kilo feature) in some of the nested stacks. Also, this will give us access to the new repeat function as well. Change-Id: Ic534e5aeb03bd53296dc4d98c2ac5971464d7fe4
2015-05-11Puppet: Split out controller pacemaker manifestDan Prince1-0/+23
This patch adds support for using the Heat resource registry so that end users can enable pacemaker. Using this approach allows us to isolate all of the pacemaker logic for the controller in a single template rather than use conditionals for every service that must support it. Change-Id: Ibefb80d0d8f98404133e4c31cf078d729b64dac3