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2016-08-17Use modulepath for PuppetJiri Stransky1-0/+1
We only create the /etc/puppet/modules symlinks during image building, so as we update the openstack-puppet-modules RPM during the lifecycle of a deployment, the symlinks can get out of date and some modules aren't find. This patch adds modulepath for puppet deployments, getting rid of the need for our Puppet modules to be symlinked from /etc/puppet/modules. If there are some already symlinked, they will take precedence. Also modules installed from source to /opt/stack/puppet-modules will take precedence over packaged modules in /usr/share/openstack-puppet/modules. Change-Id: I626a596478be7c55500f9e3c7118ef64ff28aaae Closes-Bug: #1613211
2016-07-04Replace NodeConfigIdentifiers with DeployIdentifierSteven Hardy1-6/+6
We added NodeConfigIdentifiers to trigger config to be re-applied on update, but then later added DeployIdentifier which forces config to *always* be applied on update, so we can simplify things by just referencing the DeployIdentifier directly. Change-Id: I79212def1936740825b714419dcb4952bc586a39
2016-07-01Pass RoleData into -post.yaml stacksDan Prince1-7/+6
This patch modifies the interface for the -post stacks so that we pass RoleData instead of just the StepConfig into each -post.yaml template. This will facilitate creating other types of -post.yaml scripts that require more data that just 'step_config'. Things like containers, etc. will require this. Change-Id: I2527fc0098192f092f5e9046033a04bc71be2cae
2016-05-26Configure CephStorage services via resource chainsGiulio Fidente1-5/+27
Also wires in the steps into the CephStorage role. Change-Id: Ib472f1279478ad7792349cc32bb3c5f510ba69fe
2016-02-26Add support for DeployArtifactURLsDan Prince1-1/+13
Adds a new nested stack deployment which allows operators to opt-in to deploy tarball's and RPM packages by setting DeployArtifactURLs as a parameter_default in a Heat environment. The intent is to use this setting to allow t-h-t to transparently deploy things like tarballs of puppet modules via a Swift Temp URL. Change-Id: I1bad4a4a79cf297f5b6e439e0657269738b5f326 Implements: blueprint puppet-modules-deployment-via-swift
2015-12-10Set the name property for all deployment resourcesSteve Baker1-0/+1
There are two reasons the name property should always be set for deployment resources: - The name often shows up in logs, files and API calls, the default derived name is long and unhelpful - Sorting by name determines the merge order of os-apply-config, and the execution order of puppet/shell scripts (note this is different to resource dependency order) so leaving the default name results in an undetermined order which could lead to unpredictable deployment of configs This change simply sets the name to the resource name, but a future change should prepend each name with a run-parts style 2 digit prefix so that the order is explicitly stated. Documentation for extraconfig needs to clearly state what prefix is needed to override which merge/execution order. For existing overcloud stacks, heat currently replaces deployment resources when the name changes, so this change Depends-On: I95037191915ccd32b2efb72203b146897a4edbc9 Change-Id: Ic4bcd56aa65b981275c3d4214588bfc4de63b3b0
2015-09-30Allow enabling debug mode for config management (Puppet)Jiri Stransky1-0/+6
Also adds an environment file which can be passed to heat stack-create to enable debugging. Change-Id: I9758e2ca3de6a0bed6d20c37ea19e48f47220721 Depends-On: Ie92d1714a8d7e59d347474039be999bd3a2b542f
2015-09-22Rename -puppet.yaml templates.Dan Prince1-0/+39
Updates the /puppet directory templates so that we drop the '-puppet' from the filenames. This is redundant because we already have puppet in the directory name and fixes inconsistencies where we aren't using -puppet in all the files within the puppet directory. Depends-On: I71cb07b2f5305aaf9c43ab175cca976e844b8175 Change-Id: I70d6e048a566666f5d6e5c2407f8a6b4fd9f6f87