path: root/network/ports/net_ip_list_map.j2.yaml
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2017-10-07Fixes missing type for heat param TenantNetNameTim Rozet1-24/+0
Closes-Bug: 1720823 Change-Id: I239cc9f827fe99a553f9c18b80336bc6ce0b1d14 Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <trozet@redhat.com> (cherry picked from commit ba5436099d37898e418406f8b4376923e14f4c89)
2017-08-16Render IP map and host maps according to network_data.yamlDan Sneddon1-0/+190
This change renders the network IP maps and hostname maps for all networks defined in network_data.yaml. This should make it possible to create custom networks that will be rendered for all applicable roles. Note that at this time all networks will be rendered whether they are enabled or not. All networks will be present in all roles, but ports will be associated with noop.yaml in roles that do not use the network. This is in accordance with previous behavior, although we may wish to change this in the future to limit the size of the role definitions and reduce the number of placeholder resources in deployments with many networks. Note that this patch is a replacement for original patch https://review.openstack.org/#/c/486280, which I was having trouble rebasing to current. Change-Id: I445b008fc1240af57c2b76a5dbb6c751a05b7a2a Depends-on: I662e8d0b3737c7807d18c8917bfce1e25baa3d8a Partially-implements: blueprint composable-networks