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2015-05-26Switch net-config templates to use OS::stack_idDan Prince1-4/+3
This patch removes the custom config_id outputs and replaces it with OS::stack_id which allows us to just call get_resource in the parent stack. The motivation for this change is we'll be adding more os-net-config templates and it would be nice to take advantage of this newer template feature. Change-Id: I6fcb26024b94420779b86766e16d8a24210c4f8e
2015-05-26Add isolated net parameters to net-config stacksDan Prince1-0/+22
This patch adds parameters so that we can pass in the ipaddress/subnet for each of the isolated overcloud traffic nets to os-net-config templates. This interface change will allow deployers to plug in a custom version of an os-net-config template that drives isolated network configuration. Change-Id: I35bbe9a0bd81e79f9bfd531fe89c700af8b354c4
2015-05-20Overcloud: bump HOT version to 2015-04-30Dan Prince1-1/+1
This patch bumps the HOT version for the overcloud to Kilo 2015-04-30. We should have already done this since we are making use of OS::stack_id (a kilo feature) in some of the nested stacks. Also, this will give us access to the new repeat function as well. Change-Id: Ic534e5aeb03bd53296dc4d98c2ac5971464d7fe4
2014-12-19Compute: drive NW configuration via software confDan Prince1-0/+44
This example extends the compute software configuration so that heat metadata is used to model the os-net-config YAML (ultimately JSON) directly. The existing os-net-config element already supports this format. Configuring the physical network layer in this manner would supplant the ever growing list of Heat parameters that we have and is something that could be automatically generated via tuskar. The default is to use net-config-noop.yaml which will pass no config metadata into the os-net-config element which will essentially disable it in favor of using parameters w/ init-neutron-ovs. Change-Id: I30f325b1751caaef5624537e63ee27c2e418d5c8