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2017-10-29Enable Cinder as a backend for GlanceAlan Bishop1-1/+1
Enable Cinder as a backend for Glance by adding 'cinder' to the list of allowed choices for the GlanceBackend heat parameter. Update the glance-api docker configuration to allow the feature to work. This is necessary because the feature uses iSCSI, which requires additional privileges. Closes-Bug: #1728409 Depends-On: I850047e32f3608b3ce490e52e2e540695cb1a4ff Change-Id: I42241747de931103a04aa5ee2ed18fd46197d183 (cherry picked from commit e828e8c7bb2e890b243faa767992226dc270bb6f)
2017-06-12Add storage sample environmentsBen Nemec1-0/+34
Starts converting storage-related sample environments to the tool, and adds a few new ones for demonstration purposes. This has required the addition of a new category of parameter overrides in the tool. There are some parameters that are part of the public API of roles that should not normally be included in a sample environment for that role. Examples are EndpointMap and ServiceNetMap. Those are both passed into most (all?) roles, but their template defaults are not useful (both default to {}). Unless we are explicitly creating a sample environment that overrides those defaults we don't want them included. Parameters such as RoleName and RoleParameters are similar. We can't change them because they are part of the composable roles interface and that would break any existing custom roles, but we don't really want them included normally either. It's possible these could be made completely private, but there have been some very preliminary discussions about generating role samples that might actually want to set them. In order to avoid issues with editing the unit test file in editors that strip trailing whitespace, the minor formatting bug where params like EndpointMap had a trailing space after the name has also been fixed. Change-Id: If11f30c734bfbc17d463a9890c736d7477186fb9