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2017-07-24Consistent hostname format env for split-stackJames Slagle1-7/+0
Adds a new environment split-stack-consistent-hostname-format.j2.yaml for use with split-stack that will set the {{role.name}}HostnameFormat parameters based on the actual roles in use. It's possible to generate these parameters and values as long as the roles files is the same between the 2 stacks, which will be documented in I9997bd685f8f79537dfc377f9f1eb0c7446c3289. Removes the hardcoded paramters from the other 2 split-stack environments. Change-Id: I93bc7c1a24a9cb2f9930372970c67c0eadb14add
2017-07-10Add DeployedServerEnvironmentOutputJames Slagle1-0/+1
Add a new output, DeployedServerEnvionmentOutput, that can be used as the contents of an environment file to input into a services only stack when using split-stack. The parameter simplifies the manual steps needed to deploy split-stack. By default, the resource that generates the output is mapped to OS::Heat::None. implements blueprint split-stack-default Change-Id: I6004cd3f56778f078a69a20e93a0eba0c574b3db
2017-06-15Add split-stack environmentsJames Slagle1-0/+19
Add 2 new environments to faciltate deploying split-stack: environments/overcloud-baremetal.j2.yaml environments/overcloud-services.j2.yaml The environments are used to deploy 2 separate Heat stacks, one for just the baremetal+network configuration and one for the service configuration. In order to keep Heat's view of the server's hostname consistent across the 2 stacks the 2 environments set the same HostnameFormat with "overcloud" as the stack name. implements blueprint split-stack-default Change-Id: I0b3f282c08af6fecea8f136908b806db70bada46