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2017-07-14Add a new role for ComputeOvsDpdk and clean-up parametersSaravanan KR1-8/+15
A new role ComputeOvsDpdk has been added to avoid manual roles_data creation. And cleaned-up the DPDK parameters inline with the refactored code. Change-Id: I16dac69609c98194c2504ff067258fa14363d4f1
2017-06-23Adds service for OVS and enables ODL DPDK deploymentsTim Rozet1-12/+25
In order to deploy OpenDaylight with DPDK we need to copy the DPDK config for OVS done in the neutron-ovs-dpdk service template, without enabling OVS agent for compute nodes. To do this correctly, we should inherit and openvswitch service which is a common place to set OVS configuration and parameters. Note: vswitch::dpdk config will be called in prenetwork setup with ovs_dpdk_config.yaml so there is no need to include that in the step config for neutron-ovs-dpdk-agent service or opendaylight-ovs-dpdk. Changes Include: - Creates a common openvswitch service template, which in the future will migrate to be its own service. - Renames and fixes OVS DPDK configuration heat parameters in the openvswitch template. - neutron-ovs-dpdk-agent now inherits the common openvswitch template. - Adds opendaylight-ovs-dpdk template which also inherits common ovs template. - Uses OVS DPDK config script to allow configuring OVS DPDK in prenetwork config (before os-net-config runs). This has an issue where hieradata is not present yet, so we have to redefine the heat parameters and pass them via bash. In the future this should be corrected. - Adds opendaylight-dpdk environment file used to deploy an ODL + DPDK deployment. - Updates neutron-ovs-dpdk environment file. Closes-Bug: 1656097 Partial-Bug: 1656096 Depends-On: I3227189691df85f265cf84bd4115d8d4c9f979f3 Change-Id: Ie80e38c2a9605d85cdf867a31b6888bfcae69e29 Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <trozet@redhat.com>
2017-05-22Modify vhost user socket directory's default value in environment fileSaravanan KR1-1/+1
From ocata, the vhost socket directory requires a different set of permissions from the default directory (/var/run/openvswitch). Modifying the directory to a new agreed directory which will be created in puppet. Closes-Bug: #1687993 Depends-On: I255f98c40869e7508ed01a03a96294284ecdc6a8 Change-Id: I77250ca84c9da2fb5a8381e6f60234f8a05cbf12
2016-08-30Added DPDK environment file and nic configs samplesSaravanan KR1-0/+18
Added an environment file to configure DPDK with OVS by overriding ComputeNeutronOvsAgent. Also added nic configs for configuring DPDK bridge and bond with numbered nic format. Implements: blueprint tripleo-ovs-dpdk Co-Authored-By: Vijay Chundury <vchundur@redhat.com> Change-Id: I82b6f66394a8928f8524706c939508edd08afa9b