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2017-05-03Addition of firewall rules for Nuagelokesh-jain1-1/+0
Added VxLAN and metadata agent firewall rules to neutron-compute-plugin for Nuage. Removed a deprecated parameter 'OSControllerIp' as well. Change-Id: If10c300db48c66b9ebeaf74b5f5fee9132e75366 (cherry picked from commit d5309c9443cbfe50ba5e7c15f025393a58b0804c)
2016-10-31Updated Nuage neutron plugin namelokesh-jain1-1/+1
Updated plugin name for configuring Nuage. Nuage plugin name changed after Liberty release and needs to be updated at all instances. Updated neutron-nuage-config.yaml file to reflect the change. Change-Id: I7cce9a07b909ab59bf249439eec0833afce5cca6 Closes-Bug: #1635033
2016-07-12Composable Nuage Compute PluginDan Prince1-1/+1
Adds a new neutron compute plugin used to help configure nuage for use on compute nodes. Change-Id: I732ec85d1f0605e562dacb02624a355e425d911a Depends-On: Ic842ebdc183918ec9a24f83ae39adfba27bc799c
2016-07-12Composable Neutron Core Compute PluginDan Prince1-0/+2
Create a new resource registry entry for a Neutron "compute plugin". For ML2 this may be the same os the NeutronComputePlugin but patches for other vendors will follow that require extra bits on nodes where VMs will be created. This patch removes the ML2 code from the compute role and instead uses the existing composable services. NOTE: we are able to remove the puppet resource chain to force OVS to get restarted due to puppet-neutron commit: Idb1332dd498bb3065720f2ccaf68e6b0e9fa80c3 which should resolve that issue. Co-Authored-By: Emilien Macchi <emilien@redhat.com> Depends-On: I95b9188607ab6c599ad4cde6faa1deb081618f3e Change-Id: I2496372ca6e6ba9f52e9a8bb6e8dc731c125af13
2016-06-16Drop extraconfig for neutron-nuage.yamlDan Prince1-1/+0
This patch drops the extraconfig interface in favor of using the composable services nested stack instead. The benefit is that it is easier to enable multiple services (like network and storage backends at the same time) and all of the nuage settings get to live in the same file. Partially-implements: blueprint composable-services-within-roles Change-Id: I15fe14e9d6881bc408eb6bb10d9293bd914ef858
2016-06-16Composable neutron nuage pluginDan Prince1-0/+2
Partially-implements: blueprint composable-services-within-roles Depends-On: Ia4a297008b259a8e238bd1ad511e82f4e5ab6d63 Change-Id: I80ac1a5393a17d4cf997cd3ef060574455d1b5ec
2016-06-09composable neutron ml2 and ovs agentDan Prince1-1/+1
Adds new puppet and puppet pacemaker specific services for the Neutron ml2 configuration and the Ovs agent. Partially-implements: blueprint composable-services-within-roles Change-Id: I896e5dfe6fae49371c9fe7f47c4364eb6f621b07
2016-05-18composable neutron metadata serviceDan Prince1-1/+1
Adds new puppet and puppet pacemaker specific services for the Neutron Metadata agent. Partially-implements: blueprint composable-services-within-roles Change-Id: I25f026507e78f18594599b3621613a54f246545d
2016-05-18composable neutron l3 serviceDan Prince1-1/+1
Adds new puppet and puppet pacemaker specific services for the Neutron L3 agent. Partially-implements: blueprint composable-services-within-roles Change-Id: I0316043efe357a41ef3b4088a55d98dbb6d25963
2016-04-29Additional parameters for Nuage Neutron plugin integrationDavid Gurtner1-0/+9
Add additional parameters, specifically: * set core plugin to Nuage * disable service plugins * disable OVS, l3, metadata and DHCP agent * rename OVS bridge to alubr0 * include Nuage API extensions Change-Id: Ia0c201fd3b01cd524e096e6f246d707c6e643944
2015-12-07Change for configuring use_forwarded_for value for NuageLokesh Jain1-0/+1
Added a parameter to Nuage ExtraConfig template for setting use_forwarded_for value required by Nuage metadata agent Change-Id: I02c15311272126c5e530f118fbfb4a8f6e11a620
2015-11-30Changes for configuring NuageLokesh Jain1-0/+14
Added ExtraConfig templates and environment files for Nuage specific parameters. Modified overcloud_compute.pp and overcloud_controller.pp to conditionally include Nuage plugin and agents. Change-Id: I95510c753b0a262c73566481f9e94279970f4a4f