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2016-12-12neutron: don't set external_network_bridge option by defaultIhar Hrachyshka1-4/+0
It's deprecated, to be removed in Ocata, and it's discouraged to set it to anything but the default value ('') that means that routers are not plugged directly into br-ex, but allows l2 agent to do the wiring. There are known issues with setting it to br-ex (like wrong port statuses): If533cf7c4c379be78f5a15073accaff7f65973ab The only caveat to setting it to the default ('') value is that in that case l2 agent should be configured with bridge mapping for physical networks. Since we already configure bridge_mappings for the agent, we should be safe to unset the option. Now that it's the default, there is no reason to override it in example environments. This patch also changes the description for the parameter to make it more clear that users are not expected to set it unless they know what they are doing. Also, moved the parameter into deprecated section to make it even more clear it's not something to touch in new deployments. Change-Id: Iade7fbaf92c8c601227f4456a15ea3f13a907ee2 Related-Bug: #1563070
2016-04-08Remove network/noop.yaml, use OS::Heat::NoneDan Prince1-1/+1
Removes the old noop nested stack template for networks and instead uses OS::Heat::None instead. This should avoid a few extra resource checks on create and update. Change-Id: Ia3d7f62dbda2705ffc3d9edcddebcd3ece3cc9d2
2015-08-06Support network isolation without external netsDan Prince1-0/+26
This patch adds extra heat environments that can be used to enable network isolation without using the external network. Instead of a separate external network the ctlplane will be used for all of the external/public traffic. Change-Id: Ia542cee02121771d7d57ac701b62d7608e8d1855