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2016-07-29Update heat-agents setup filesFlavio Percoco2-30/+31
This patch moves the image pull step out of the service heat-agent service script to ease the service init process and to make it more reliable. By doing this outside of the service script, it's possible to know when the `firstboot` script failed and report back. It also updates the firstboot yaml file to point to the `tripleoupstream` org. Co-Authored-By: Flavio Percoco <flavio@redhat.com> Co-Authored-By: Martin André <m.andre@redhat.com> Change-Id: I2f0b8092ec69320ee370e1d7d20b8c15c95a1d0d
2016-07-29Add default value for `RoleData`Flavio Percoco1-0/+3
This just adds a default value for `RoleData` in docker/compute-post.yaml Change-Id: I96a01dc22e03980b93b32f0f9990f35b83ecfb24
2016-07-08Add StepConfig to docker compute-post.yamlFlavio Percoco1-1/+10
Change I84c97a76159704c2d6c963bc4b26e365764b1366 missed `docker/compute-post.yaml`. Change-Id: I680eabf2f316c7fccc9d53d75dc16139c9959c64
2016-07-04Replace NodeConfigIdentifiers with DeployIdentifierSteven Hardy1-3/+3
We added NodeConfigIdentifiers to trigger config to be re-applied on update, but then later added DeployIdentifier which forces config to *always* be applied on update, so we can simplify things by just referencing the DeployIdentifier directly. Change-Id: I79212def1936740825b714419dcb4952bc586a39
2016-05-27Merge "Use docker-cmd hook."Jenkins2-4/+4
2016-05-16Merge "Add database directory mount for openvswitchdb"Jenkins1-0/+1
2016-05-06Use docker-cmd hook.Ian Main2-4/+4
This patch switches to use docker-cmd without changing the heat templates. Change-Id: I4a6a42819e83e3b70bf1e37c09d155c5cf8a7ee4
2016-04-04Nova needs the proper volumes to use CinderRyan Hallisey1-1/+7
Kolla has been using ceph. For a while, cinder had iscsi build into it, but it was removed. In order to get this to work with containers again, nova-compute and libvirt containers need /dev and /lib/udev mounted into their containers. We also need to copy nova's rootwrap.conf into the nova. It was missing this config file. Change-Id: Ie77f56b4576d5393ad3756b0f5ecc3eeff844d1f
2016-03-30Remove hack the pulls latest dockerRyan Hallisey1-13/+0
Atomic is set to Docker 1.8.2. We no longer need to pull the latest Docker to make our template work. Change-Id: I8ab4e135ed4891763f8ced596116b14101466160 Co-Authored-By: Ian Main <imain@redhat.com>
2016-03-30Centos gives /dev/pts/ptmx the wrong permsRyan Hallisey1-0/+3
In order to use cinder, we need to be able to use /dev/pts/ptmx. Centos sets this to 000 when on Fedora it's 666. Change-Id: I76dc5adc64d2da0d27204ea31175244bc1b94428
2016-03-11Add database directory mount for openvswitchdbIan Main1-0/+1
openvswitchdb creates a db.conf file in /etc/openvswitch. This just maps it to the host so we don't lose data. Change-Id: Ic773ba94522f108a765a09849e2f442ef3ca3bcf
2016-03-09Remove unused Neutron Agents containerRyan Hallisey1-37/+7
The Neutron Agents is currently not used. Refactor the heat templates to accommodate for this change. Change-Id: Ice3c5ce723fa16cfb66c2b0afbe51d7b282c3210
2016-03-09Allow the containerized compute node to spawn larger VMsRyan Hallisey1-0/+19
Atomic's root partition & logical volume defaults to 3G. In order to launch larger VMs, we need to enlarge the root logical volume and scale down the docker_pool logical volume. We are allocating 80% of the disk space for vm data and the remaining 20% for docker images. Change-Id: If3fff78f476de23c7c51741a49bae227f2cdfe3e Co-authored-by: Ian Main <imain@redhat.com> Co-authored-by: Jeff Peeler <jpeeler@redhat.com>
2016-02-16Merge "Remove DNS hack."Jenkins1-2/+0
2016-02-12Minor fixes to allow local docker registry usageJeff Peeler2-3/+9
Changed the heat-docker-agents namespace to use the namespacing specified in the environment file, which reduces modifications required on the user when using a local registry. Changed the start agents script to handle using a local registry both with a namespace and without. Change-Id: I16cc96b7ecddeeda07de45f50ffc6a880dabbba6
2016-02-12Remove DNS hack.Ian Main1-2/+0
With a properly configured undercloud the DNS is fine. We can remove the dns setting. Change-Id: I8ba98e76f95fd0a6f3f34cb5578e6c3ea7a1d15e
2016-01-20Allow container template to recognize an updateRyan Hallisey1-6/+0
The deployment resource looks for a change in name when running an update. If there is no change in containers, docker will recognize that and the deployment will return. If there is a new available container, docker will swap out the old running container for a new one. Change-Id: I60d45b5ef45714e6e0140dfc80c14d6a12701f32
2016-01-18Merge "Set the name property for all deployment resources"Jenkins1-0/+7
2016-01-05Use new heat-docker-agents imagesRyan Hallisey1-1/+1
Hosted at tripleoupstream/heat-docker-agents. Change-Id: I2133a7cb789a34c60b87339d816d29d353cb015f
2016-01-04Network Isolation support for containerized computeRyan Hallisey1-1/+6
The template will all neutron-agents to be configured so that it can run the network isolation templates on the containerized compute node. Co-Authored-By: Dan Prince <dpince@redhat.com> Change-Id: I7837ed7ed3e807ec5c1276904893695918bef293
2015-12-17Convert JSON generations from bash to pythonRyan Hallisey2-108/+101
Python script in the heat template will handle JSON generation for the containers. Change-Id: I296fd4a4948f3f937e3a108bc926af6415b350c4
2015-12-10Set the name property for all deployment resourcesSteve Baker1-0/+7
There are two reasons the name property should always be set for deployment resources: - The name often shows up in logs, files and API calls, the default derived name is long and unhelpful - Sorting by name determines the merge order of os-apply-config, and the execution order of puppet/shell scripts (note this is different to resource dependency order) so leaving the default name results in an undetermined order which could lead to unpredictable deployment of configs This change simply sets the name to the resource name, but a future change should prepend each name with a run-parts style 2 digit prefix so that the order is explicitly stated. Documentation for extraconfig needs to clearly state what prefix is needed to override which merge/execution order. For existing overcloud stacks, heat currently replaces deployment resources when the name changes, so this change Depends-On: I95037191915ccd32b2efb72203b146897a4edbc9 Change-Id: Ic4bcd56aa65b981275c3d4214588bfc4de63b3b0
2015-11-20Point registry at tripleoupstreamRyan Hallisey1-1/+1
The tripleoupstream registry contains images that are built every time there is a change in delorean. The gate also needs this. Change-Id: If460853284588f637de820afa54069f773f2e6f7
2015-11-20Merge "Nova-libvirt needs to bind to /sys/fs/cgroup"Jenkins1-1/+1
2015-11-20Merge "Add local docker registry support"Jenkins3-8/+42
2015-11-20Merge "Update docker compute environment to use json config"Jenkins3-26/+137
2015-11-12Merge "Pin docker version for atomic at 1.8.2"Jenkins1-2/+3
2015-11-10Change the Atomic image name so it's less specificRyan Hallisey1-1/+1
The atomic image name in glance was being set to 'fedora-atomic'. The glance image can be any form of atomic distro so we shouldn't name this specifically 'fedora-atomic', but instead 'atomic-image'. Change-Id: Ic539b82b92e3fdd834750e591d8622b7dc85fc6d
2015-11-10Nova-libvirt needs to bind to /sys/fs/cgroupRyan Hallisey1-1/+1
Nova-compute was mounting in /sys/fs/cgroup when the libvirt container is the one that actually needs it. Change-Id: Iae5c7ad24083a8547474611d72f015c4fd23a073
2015-11-09Pin docker version for atomic at 1.8.2Jeff Peeler1-2/+3
docker-latest now points to 1.9.0, which isn't the version we're targetting. More importantly, docker-1.9.0 doesn't work since it complains about /etc not being able to be relabeled. Not sure how to fix that, but we can save that battle for another time. Change-Id: I947b7569d9cf40a409253336e51b4dec5ada36f8
2015-11-02Add local docker registry supportRyan Hallisey3-8/+42
Create a set of environment variables that allows us to configure a docker registry for deployment. This patch assumes there is a local docker registry already setup with the images loaded in place. Change-Id: Iaafaf23eb3fa8b24bcd8f73bb38c552bea629607 Signed-off-by: Ian Main <imain@redhat.com> Co-Authored-By: Ryan Hallisey <rhallise@redhat.com>
2015-11-02Update docker compute environment to use json configRyan Hallisey3-26/+137
In liberty, Kolla copies around files and runs the service given a specified command, by reading a json file. This will update the existing work to follow that template by creating a json file for each of the services and pushing it into the containers. Change-Id: I5085d1896ea965fd8854765b055068a5ad30bcfd Co-Authored-By: Jeff Peeler <jpeeler@redhat.com>
2015-10-08Docker compute role configured via PuppetDan Prince5-0/+383
This change adds a containerized version of the overcloud compute node for TripleO. Configuration files are generated via OpenStack Puppet modules which are then used to externally configure kolla containers for each OpenStack service. See the README-containers.md file for more information on how to set this up. This uses AtomicOS as a base operating system and requires that we bootstrap the image with a container which contains the required os-collect-config agent hooks to support running puppet, shell scripts, and docker compose. Change-Id: Ic8331f52b20a041803a9d74cdf0eb81266d4e03c Co-Authored-By: Ian Main <imain@redhat.com> Co-Authored-By: Ryan Hallisey <rhallise@redhat.com>