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2017-06-30Merge "Add detach to docker-toool"Jenkins1-6/+10
2017-06-08Add detach to docker-tooolIan Main1-6/+10
This lets you rerun the container as it was before killing it. Change-Id: I12b8a1f7058bab621d68aa0e55b3be3e87854574
2017-06-08Fix bug in docker-toool where values are sometimes empty.Ian Main1-0/+3
I was getting empty volumes from the json and it was creating bad docker command lines. Change-Id: Ie90fc1afa5711d6b029e98d621507b9cb70c1dbe
2017-02-22Write out a json file containing container startup info and create tool to ↵Ian Main1-0/+189
use it. This adds a bit to the post.yaml for docker to write out a json file containing all the information on how we are start docker containers (thanks Dan!). I've then written a script that parses this that can be used to execute docker run commands in various ways for debugging purposes. Change-Id: I36d66b42d1ac5030db8841820d4fc512a71d1285 Co-Authored-by: Dan Prince <dprince@redhat.com>