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2017-05-23Add $STACK_NAME input varJames Slagle1-3/+4
The stack name can now be overridden in the get-occ-config.sh script for deployed-server's by setting the $STACK_NAME variable in the environment. Change-Id: Iecba21499b80e463b4c629be53c309996d39472d Closes-Bug: #1686719 (cherry picked from commit e17590c69e599a3eb6b4a18d2d6dbef9dede9ea8)
2017-03-27Sort ResourceGroup resource listJames Slagle1-1/+1
We should sort the results by resource_name when listing resources in the ResourceGroup stack in get-occ-config.sh, as the order is not guaranteed. We want the order to always be numerical ascending by resource_name (which are just integers starting at 0). Change-Id: Iccef81e4dfd9586e0030f20bdde131d1a885eb19 Closes-Bug: #1665458 (cherry picked from commit c5e5d21a61808f7c09b85a2750a905bb57b54be1)
2017-01-08Continue checking for request url if initially nullJames Slagle1-1/+8
When using get-occ-config.sh during overcloud upgrades, the script could potentially be started before the stack has been upgraded. In that scenario, the script will return null for the request metadata url for the deployed-server resource since the stack has not yet been updated and it's still using the previous Heat signaling. This patch updates the script to just continue checking the resource metadata if the request url is null. Eventually, once the resource has been updated, the script will continue and properly populate the os-collect-config configuration. Change-Id: I9db54d8ad278715f42b768edf8f0fd21998b2098
2016-12-13Use OS::Heat::DeployedServerJames Slagle1-9/+4
The new DeployedServer resource in Heat will provide a native resource for Server resources that are not orchestrated via Nova. This will allow associating SoftwareDeployment's with servers that have not been launched with Nova with Heat directly. With the new resource, all of the SoftwareConfigTransport methods are available, including POLL_TEMP_URL. This patch also updates the get-occ-config.sh script to configure the requests collector in os-collect-config.conf on the deployed servers. Change-Id: I4b80421088acca709fe3f92741c5c052be483131 Partially-implements: blueprint split-stack-software-configuration Depends-On: I07b9a053ecd3ef4411b602bbc6ef985224834cf8
2016-12-01Make get-occ-config.sh support custom rolesJames Slagle1-8/+16
Updates the get-occ-config.sh script used with the deployed-server environment to support custom roles. Any custom role name, and a corresponding set of hosts (ip addresses or hostnames) can now be passed to the script and it will query for the proper nested stack uuid's and configure os-collect-config appropriately on the respective nodes. Change-Id: I8fc39e6d18cd70ff881e2a284234b26261018d67
2016-11-28get-occ-config.sh replace deprecated heat commandsSteve Baker1-10/+10
The modern openstack equivalent heat commands require no awk and will be slightly more efficient. The roles variable is optionally populated by OVERCLOUD_ROLES so that a subset of roles can be specified. Change-Id: I6b66cb3bd81825fba726dd45b0db25896908f6dd
2016-07-26Force a tty for sudo in get-occ-config.shJames Slagle1-1/+1
This script will sometimes fail with "you must have a tty to run sudo" depending on how it was executed. Add -tt to the $SSH_OPTIONS to always force a tty. Change-Id: Ic1144b9ba90d4af35db826a78e637da965569841 Closes-Bug: #1606544
2016-07-11Use already Deployed/Installed serversJames Slagle1-0/+113
This patch provides a set of templates that enables tripleo-heat-templates to be used with a set of already deployed, installed, and running servers. In this method, Nova and Ironic are not used to deploy any servers. This approach is attractive for POC deployments where dedicated provisioning networks are not available, or other server install methods are dictated for various reasons. There are also assumptions that currently have to be made about the software installed on the already deployed servers. Effectively, they must match the standard TripleO overcloud-full image. Co-Authored-By: Steve Hardy <shardy@redhat.com> Change-Id: I4ab1531f69c73457653f1cca3fe30cc32a04c129