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2017-01-16Deployed server bootstrap via HeatJames Slagle1-0/+5
Adds an environment file, template, and script that can be used to do initial bootstrapping of deployed servers during NodeExtraConfig. It is meant to install and configure the initial dependencies needed to apply the rest of the OpenStack configuration via Heat. Enabling yum repos and installing the initial python-heat-agent package would still have to be manual steps when using this environment. But the goal is to keep those manual steps to a minimum and automate as much as possible in deployed-server-bootstrap.sh. Along with setting EnablePackageInstall: True, this could eventually replace bootstrap-overcloud-full.sh from tripleo-ci. Partially-implements: blueprint split-stack-software-configuration Change-Id: I6be94604a46382e6288df1b36b9de8fab58696cc
2017-01-10Add deployed-server backwards compatible templateJames Slagle1-2/+2
In Newton, the ctlplane port on deployed-server was called <hostname>-ctlplane-port. When this code was refactored in I29fbc720c3d582cbb94385e65e4b64b101f7eac9, the -port suffix was dropped in favor of <hostname>-<network> convention, and the port resource was created directly in deployed-server.yaml instead of in a nested stack. Both of those changes were backwards incompatible -- making it impossible to upgrade to the new version of deployed-server.yaml without the ctlplane port getting deleted/recreated, which causes a change in IP address. The IP address change causes services to be misconfigured on upgrade attempts. Change-Id: I45991b60a151abf3c5e4d05a3aa7246b2d25ac5a
2017-01-08Add UpgradeInitCommand to deployed-serverJames Slagle1-0/+26
The commands specified by UpgradeInitCommand need to be run before InstanceIdDeployment in deployed-server.yaml, otherwise the upgrades hang with the resource in progress. This is because the new python-heat-agent-apply-config has not yet been installed on the deployed server. Adding the UpgradeInitCommand (and corresponding SoftwareConfig/SoftwareDeployment to apply it) will cause the new repos and python-heat-agent-* rpm's to be installed before InstanceIdDeployment. An open question is whether or not Heat should even be triggering the InstanceIdDepoyment to IN_PROGRESS on upgrade when only the group is changing from os-apply-config to apply-config. If that turns out to be a Heat bug, then this patch wouldn't be necessary. Change-Id: I9d87f995744415b110a7d0bca8d2309d7167148c
2016-12-23Bump template version for all templates to "ocata"Steven Hardy1-1/+1
Heat now supports release name aliases, so we can replace the inconsistent mix of date related versions with one consistent version that aligns with the supported version of heat for this t-h-t branch. This should also help new users who sometimes copy/paste old templates and discover intrinsic functions in the t-h-t docs don't work because their template version is too old. Change-Id: Ib415e7290fea27447460baa280291492df197e54
2016-12-21Merge "Add "deployed server" fake neutron ports"Jenkins1-3/+9
2016-12-20Merge "Use OS::Heat::DeployedServer"Jenkins1-10/+6
2016-12-17Merge "Use hostname -s instead of hostnamectl --transient"Jenkins1-1/+1
2016-12-17Add "deployed server" fake neutron portsDan Prince1-3/+9
This patch swaps out the noop ctlplane port for a more proper fake neutron port stack. This stack is a swap in for the OS::Neutron::Port heat resource and can be controlled via the DeployedServerPortMap parameter. By relying on <hostname>-<network> naming conventions in the map we can map IPs to specific servers without using the Neutron API. This will allow us to inject IP information into the Heat stack within the new t-h-t undercloud installer which currently does not run a Neutron service. Change-Id: I29fbc720c3d582cbb94385e65e4b64b101f7eac9
2016-12-15Merge "Deployed server: switch to apply-config hook"Jenkins1-1/+1
2016-12-14Use hostname -s instead of hostnamectl --transientDan Prince1-1/+1
This patch updates the deployed-server interface to use a simple hostname -s. The previous hostnamectl --transient can pick up extra domain name configuration in some cases that can cause very odd hostname generation if used with the tripleo-heat-template host file generation. This would actually break the new undercloud t-h-t installer in that some of the /etc/hosts entries would be invalid (no IP address) due to substring replacements failing in a variety of odd hostname situations. Simplifying the hostname of deployed servers to just the short version seems the most sensable way to avoid all this. Change-Id: Ia7e636d021f948ea5234475cef02f666d8ce6999
2016-12-13Use OS::Heat::DeployedServerJames Slagle1-10/+6
The new DeployedServer resource in Heat will provide a native resource for Server resources that are not orchestrated via Nova. This will allow associating SoftwareDeployment's with servers that have not been launched with Nova with Heat directly. With the new resource, all of the SoftwareConfigTransport methods are available, including POLL_TEMP_URL. This patch also updates the get-occ-config.sh script to configure the requests collector in os-collect-config.conf on the deployed servers. Change-Id: I4b80421088acca709fe3f92741c5c052be483131 Partially-implements: blueprint split-stack-software-configuration Depends-On: I07b9a053ecd3ef4411b602bbc6ef985224834cf8
2016-12-01Use transient hostname for deployed serversSteve Baker1-17/+2
The name output returned by this template is expected to be the short name rather than a FQDN. Generally 'hostnamectl --static' returns a FQDN and --transient will be the short name. This change switches to using --transient and also simplifies the script by dropping the unused outputs. Change-Id: I19eaf9f66668f7e68765bad4018c0c60314f3f8f
2016-11-30Deployed server: switch to apply-config hookDan Prince1-1/+1
This patch switches the deployed-server.yaml template to use apply-config instead of os-apply-config. The 'apply-config' hook is now installed via a package (no longer requires elements for installation) and supports more signalling options. This is required to support the undercloud installer which doesn't work with os-collect-config heat metadata. Change-Id: I7963fe4f38e8f04c9871fe651d39efec1aa17c41
2016-08-07Make deployed-server OS::Neutron::Port optionalDan Prince1-10/+3
This patch makes it possible to set OS::TripleO::DeployedServer::ControlPlanePort: OS::Heat::None in your resource_registry and thereby avoid the creation of a neutron port for the deployed server. This is useful if you are bootstrapping things in an environment without Neutron. Also, includes a new deployed-server-noop-ctlplane.yaml environment file. Change-Id: I2990dc816698e0f6e3193a8fc7c9c6767c6e50e5
2016-07-11Use already Deployed/Installed serversJames Slagle1-0/+122
This patch provides a set of templates that enables tripleo-heat-templates to be used with a set of already deployed, installed, and running servers. In this method, Nova and Ironic are not used to deploy any servers. This approach is attractive for POC deployments where dedicated provisioning networks are not available, or other server install methods are dictated for various reasons. There are also assumptions that currently have to be made about the software installed on the already deployed servers. Effectively, they must match the standard TripleO overcloud-full image. Co-Authored-By: Steve Hardy <shardy@redhat.com> Change-Id: I4ab1531f69c73457653f1cca3fe30cc32a04c129