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2017-04-03Purge initial firewall for deployed-server'sJames Slagle1-0/+3
We need to purge the initial firewall for deployed-server's, otherwise if you have a default REJECT rule, the pacemaker cluster will fail to initialize. This matches the behavior done when using images, see: Iddc21316a1a3d42a1a43cbb4b9c178adba8f8db3 I0dee5ff045fbfe7b55d078583e16b107eec534aa Change-Id: Ia83d17b609e4f737074482a980689cc57c3ad911 Closes-Bug: #1679234
2017-03-22Install openstack-selinux for deployed-serverJames Slagle1-1/+2
No other packages actually require openstack-selinux, so it must be explicity installed. Change-Id: Ic7b39ddfc4cfb28b8a08e9b02043211e4ca4a39a Closes-Bug: #1675170
2017-01-26Add deployed server bootstrap for RHELJames Slagle1-0/+13
This is similar to the bootstrap for CentOS, except we don't set SELinux to permissive on RHEL. Change-Id: I52b8fa017ee2821d2fa91e5ec806a55fcb92566d Partially-implements: blueprint split-stack-software-configuration