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2017-01-10Add deployed-server backwards compatible templateJames Slagle1-0/+28
In Newton, the ctlplane port on deployed-server was called <hostname>-ctlplane-port. When this code was refactored in I29fbc720c3d582cbb94385e65e4b64b101f7eac9, the -port suffix was dropped in favor of <hostname>-<network> convention, and the port resource was created directly in deployed-server.yaml instead of in a nested stack. Both of those changes were backwards incompatible -- making it impossible to upgrade to the new version of deployed-server.yaml without the ctlplane port getting deleted/recreated, which causes a change in IP address. The IP address change causes services to be misconfigured on upgrade attempts. Change-Id: I45991b60a151abf3c5e4d05a3aa7246b2d25ac5a
2016-12-17Add "deployed server" fake neutron portsDan Prince1-23/+0
This patch swaps out the noop ctlplane port for a more proper fake neutron port stack. This stack is a swap in for the OS::Neutron::Port heat resource and can be controlled via the DeployedServerPortMap parameter. By relying on <hostname>-<network> naming conventions in the map we can map IPs to specific servers without using the Neutron API. This will allow us to inject IP information into the Heat stack within the new t-h-t undercloud installer which currently does not run a Neutron service. Change-Id: I29fbc720c3d582cbb94385e65e4b64b101f7eac9
2016-08-07Make deployed-server OS::Neutron::Port optionalDan Prince1-0/+23
This patch makes it possible to set OS::TripleO::DeployedServer::ControlPlanePort: OS::Heat::None in your resource_registry and thereby avoid the creation of a neutron port for the deployed server. This is useful if you are bootstrapping things in an environment without Neutron. Also, includes a new deployed-server-noop-ctlplane.yaml environment file. Change-Id: I2990dc816698e0f6e3193a8fc7c9c6767c6e50e5