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2017-08-16README: Fix CI coverage layoutEmilien Macchi1-1/+1
Change-Id: Ib892f54781e568fb267a34390fec1a7e0323de2c
2017-08-02Add Telemetry services to scenario002Pradeep Kilambi1-4/+4
We need to test gnocchi with swift backend. So adding telemetry to scenario002 job to cover that. Change-Id: I284de61bbefac9e9b37390650016643ffe38b5cc
2017-07-23CI/scenarios : Add scenario007 for OVN servicesNuman Siddique1-77/+79
Depends-On: Ide11569d81f5f28bafccc168b624be505174fc53 Change-Id: Ie3f09dc70a582f3d14de093043e232820f837bc3
2017-06-07Standardize example role definitionsAlex Schultz1-0/+3
As we create new standard roles, we should include them from a single location for ease of use and to reduce the duplication of the role definitions elsewhere. This change adds a roles folder to the THT that can be used with the new roles commands in python-tripleoclient by the end user to generate a roles_data.yaml from a standard set of roles. Depends-On: I326bae5bdee088e03aa89128d253612ef89e5c0c Change-Id: Iad3e9b215c6f21ba761c8360bb7ed531e34520e6 Related-Blueprint: example-custom-role-environments
2017-05-22Add Neutron L2 Gateway service to scenario 004Carlos Camacho1-0/+2
This submission installs the Neutron L2 Gateway service in the scenario 004. This is only to check that the service is installed correctly no sanity check is running yet. Change-Id: I421802e9aa1a9f192860a6d72b4bb7c729666c3a
2017-04-07Add BGPVPN services to scenario004Carlos Camacho1-0/+2
This submission will enable the BGPVPN API on scenario004. This addition to scenario004 does not provide any sanity check for the Neutron API extension. At this stage is meant to install the required packages and prerequisites, configure the extension and having the services started correctly. In the README.rst file, this is displayed as neutron-bgpvpn, so for further integrations should be added as neutron-<extension_name> for an easier reading. Depends-On: I4d0617b0d7801426ea6827e70f5f31f10bbcc038 Depends-On: I2be0fab671ec1a804d029afc6dc27d19a193b064 Change-Id: I6c257417a9231c44e13535bc408d67d2a3cacbf8
2017-04-04Add monitoring agents deployment to CIMartin Mágr1-0/+2
This patch enables deployment of sensu-client service in scenario001. Depends-On: I4895e3b6d3d0e2c12c083133e423cafeecbafe88 Depends-On: Ibabd4688c00c6a12ea22055c95563d906716954d Change-Id: I377811878712b7615c38094ecbf55dcc67d9ddd5
2017-03-30Add logging agents deployment to CIMartin Mágr1-0/+4
This patch enables deployment of fluentd service in scenario001. Depends-On: Ibabd4688c00c6a12ea22055c95563d906716954d Change-Id: Ib24a67f9068efb60b754590503a503344ab1f1df
2017-03-13Update README for Glance coverageEmilien Macchi1-1/+1
Change-Id: I0c57f7b8a97b854e3c44ff7776ea05e3888e78e8
2017-02-14Deploy Manila with CephMDS in scenario004Giulio Fidente1-0/+4
Adds the Manila and CephMDS services into scenario004 and a few resources in the pingtest to test the Manila deployment. Also adds Pacemaker to scenario004 which is needed for ManilaShare. Co-Authored-By: jprovazn@redhat.com Depends-On: Ia2ece0163a3c25eb28bc0b471cd1797d52fe4e3c Change-Id: I70515c5b9ce2668a684649ecd40421b69078ee83 Related-Bug: #1644784
2017-02-10adding Congress SupportDan Radez1-0/+2
Depends-On: Ic74ccd5fa7b3b04ca810416e5160463252f17474 Implements: blueprint congress-service-integration Change-Id: Ie60540c340c0eb71ff376aba65507a8bb3e909b6 Signed-off-by: Dan Radez <dradez@redhat.com>
2017-02-09Adding Tacker SupportDan Radez1-0/+2
Depends-On: Ide0e60f3b7a3733788af4337c1c39b4a956c876f Depends-On: I3d6bbc05644e840395f87333ec80e3b844f69903 Depends-On: Idf6abcb7fe766546cb362ad4afe54f4bccd9c994 Implements: blueprint tacker-service-integration Change-Id: Ibddc81561f6e6ba671bd01a9251c57d3ad67ba8c Signed-off-by: Dan Radez <dradez@redhat.com>
2017-01-24Add ec2-api serviceSven Anderson1-0/+2
This change adds the ec2api service using the tripleo::profile::base::nova::ec2api profile. The deprecated nova-cert service is not supported, and therefore the RegisterImage action is not supported either. Change-Id: I2510fd4ed935d8423216fff9ce3adf2d69c9c804 Depends-On: If4b091e1ca02f43aa9c65392baf8ceea007b7cfb
2017-01-09README: Add mistralEmilien Macchi1-0/+2
Mistral is tested by scenario003. Let's document it. Change-Id: If715a2071b7e421b63033fd00f49d3a3f1948af1
2017-01-06scenario001: add Panko testingEmilien Macchi1-0/+2
Panko has been introduced in TripleO but is not tested yet. Adding it on scenario001 with other telemetry services. Depends-On: If2f6559a7d76b26fa9b0a3ecfa2e2101aae93e3c Change-Id: Ic76f1cb36ee05e22cfda1fff8ad3f0ec18acf617
2017-01-06README: updates for CI matrixEmilien Macchi1-2/+2
Update the CI matrix to fit with what is actually tested. Change-Id: Ib9c96fe7a3ff25043395cb5a89657b3b6d22f12a
2016-12-22Add CI matrix to THTCarlos Camacho1-0/+61
Currently the description of CI matrix is defined in tripleo-ci, but the services for each scenario lives now in THT. This submission moves this table to the repo in which the configuration is defined. Change-Id: I9ef1acefc6e1f347528a48edcb4d997a9628fcf6
2016-11-25Show team and repo badges on READMEFlavio Percoco1-0/+9
This patch adds the team's and repository's badges to the README file. The motivation behind this is to communicate the project status and features at first glance. For more information about this effort, please read this email thread: http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2016-October/105562.html To see an example of how this would look like check: b'https://gist.github.com/8e6d63aff05dc9e2a946f9012a34b334\n' Change-Id: I0090c60b91624f6cc446bc020b1445b3919e0d40
2015-12-03Drop os-apply-config. No longer maintained.Dan Prince1-8/+1
Change-Id: I29e2a8f1b0c66f3cf88f40244d6da49f3d7420be
2015-11-25Drop deprecated templates/Makefile/merge.pyDan Prince1-2/+0
This patch drops a bunch of deprecated stuff from tripleo-heat-templates. Once we remove the Makefile (which creates overcloud.yaml) we can proceed in renaming overcloud-without-mergepy.yaml to overcloud.yaml. Change-Id: Ic6ab3777d19e207cae29dcbc2e3839815cd80181
2015-10-08Update README.rstDan Prince1-0/+55
This commit renames and updates the rather outdated README for this project. Change-Id: Ibd1531dc14a2c04d8d91a3339c1df47a41c94790