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2015-12-03Rename overcloud-without-mergepy to overcloud.Dan Prince1-9/+0
Mergepy is gone. We can now rename our primary overcloud template to be more sensible. Change-Id: I14f5ff78b083b34590d30357df94c42ff6a0c2c0
2015-11-05Add Puppet 4.x lint checksGael Chamoulaud1-0/+2
- This change adds Puppet-lint bits for checking Puppet manifests. Change-Id: I82869d8f9f6c64ac2a95429f453c3cb76c046974 Signed-off-by: Gael Chamoulaud <gchamoul@redhat.com>
2014-08-28Expose public_interface_tag support.Robert Collins1-0/+1
Proper VLAN support requires adding the IP address to a new device, rather than br-ex/br-ctlplane. This is added in the tripleo-image-elements change https://review.openstack.org/103449 (I3f77f72ac623792e844dbb4d501b6ab269141f8e) and here we just expose it with appropriate glue to get the IP address from Neutron. With this we can now describe a VLAN public interface scenario to the undercloud and overcloud control planes. Change-Id: I4d2194fc813aebb0708d6fddf4f05bae5f091fd8
2014-06-04Remove the tuskar-source templateTomas Sedovic1-1/+0
There is no need for a tuskar-specific undercloud template. Tuskar is installed via elements just like any other undercloud service. This template is not being used in devtest and I'm not sure it ever has been. Change-Id: I531d927b1984873b32f440d33a130788670f7cd9
2014-03-07Adds block-storage-nfs templateRyan Brady1-0/+2
To support the changes to the cinder element to allow the nfs backend to be utilized, this template has been added to show the usage of the nfs_shares key in the cinder metadata. The value is a list of strings containing share addresses. This change is added to facilitate an example to test the cinder element change: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/74563/ You may setup the nfs server manually or use the nfs-server element at https://review.openstack.org/#/c/74712/. Change-Id: I5b6cb118b34421ea07a81ed1fe68db24b1d4f19d
2013-12-17Make merge.py installable as a package using pbrmarios1-0/+4
Now that merge.py is invokable from another script (Ia6b6416fe10358d23f2b120283eecaf4c1178cfd) and from comments at that review, it makes sense to offer a nicer way to consume the merge functionality. Once you git clone tripleo-heat-templates you can python setup.py install and get /usr/bin/tripleo_heat_merge as well as a tripleo_heat_merge package in python2.7/site-packages. Makefile edits required because we moved merge.py into the tripleo_heat_merge directory for the packaging. Change-Id: I587fa7a826f93f89e8e5c266af7f5765438fe738
2013-11-25Use merge.py for the undercloud templates.Dan Prince1-0/+4
This will require some changes to our devtest scripts and TOCI to ensure we build the overcloud-vm template before attempting to use it. Change-Id: I14b5e4a0ccf5f18429bfc33e527bdb4760b8d1a3
2013-09-19Add functional tests and examples for mergeClint Byrum1-0/+2
merge.py is undocumented and untested, which is undesirable, as it does not seem to be going away any time soon. Change-Id: I7e4870e58a32c567e5947b9a48893b8210ad4d65
2013-08-12Ignore built files.Robert Collins1-0/+3
We don't want someone accidentally committing them. Change-Id: Iec4df61d3b7b1e1bd30f4cbba6b9991062758101
2013-06-27Ignore editor files.Robert Collins1-0/+3
Change-Id: I2bf716cae119ccc8a4b4fa6fae4caa7444156526
2013-02-26Initial commitJoshua McKenty1-0/+35