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authorDan Prince <dprince@redhat.com>2016-08-17 09:26:05 -0400
committerDan Prince <dprince@redhat.com>2016-08-18 12:45:30 -0400
commit3b62761d2fc25abef4ca98e9d5863197c4497b85 (patch)
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parent885b37c80ecdae308289cc2e5c2a29dc66710487 (diff)
Add DefaultPasswords to composable services
This patch adds a new DefaultPasswords parameter to composable services. This is needed to help provide access to top level password resources that overcloud.yaml currently manages (passwords for Rabbit, Mysql, etc.). Moving the RandomString resources into composable services would cause them to regenerate within the stack. With this approach we can leave them where they are while we deprecate the top level mechanism and move the code that uses the passwords into the composable services. Change-Id: I4f21603c58a169a093962594e860933306879e3f
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1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/tools/yaml-validate.py b/tools/yaml-validate.py
index 2a6c4b3..d75aeb4 100755
--- a/tools/yaml-validate.py
+++ b/tools/yaml-validate.py
@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ def validate_service(filename, tpl):
% filename)
return 1
if 'parameters' in tpl:
- required_params = ['EndpointMap', 'ServiceNetMap']
+ required_params = ['EndpointMap', 'ServiceNetMap', 'DefaultPasswords']
for param in required_params:
if param not in tpl['parameters']:
print('ERROR: parameter %s is required for %s.'