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Make merge.py installable as a package using pbr
Now that merge.py is invokable from another script (Ia6b6416fe10358d23f2b120283eecaf4c1178cfd) and from comments at that review, it makes sense to offer a nicer way to consume the merge functionality. Once you git clone tripleo-heat-templates you can python setup.py install and get /usr/bin/tripleo_heat_merge as well as a tripleo_heat_merge package in python2.7/site-packages. Makefile edits required because we moved merge.py into the tripleo_heat_merge directory for the packaging. Change-Id: I587fa7a826f93f89e8e5c266af7f5765438fe738
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diff --git a/setup.cfg b/setup.cfg
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@@ -17,8 +17,8 @@ classifier =
Environment :: Console
-data_files =
- share/tripleo-heat-tempaltes/examples = examples/*
- share/tripleo-heat-templates =
- Makefile
- *.yaml
+packages =
+ tripleo_heat_merge
+console_scripts =
+ tripleo-heat-merge = tripleo_heat_merge.merge:main