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Add custom roles data for deployed-server
Adds a custom roles data file for use when using the deployed-server templates. The file takes care of setting disable_constraints: True, so that deployers don't have to do things like create fake images in glance. Also adds a comment to roles_data.yaml documenting disable_constraints. Partially-implements: blueprint split-stack-software-configuration Change-Id: I7c26c0c2851e0d6bcea42d7af7f4295a1944ec9f
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@@ -14,6 +14,9 @@
# defaults to '%stackname%-{{role.name.lower()}}-%index%'
# sets the default for {{role.name}}HostnameFormat parameter in overcloud.yaml
+# disable_constraints: (boolean) optional, whether to disable Nova and Glance
+# constraints for each role specified in the templates.
# ServicesDefault: (list) optional default list of services to be deployed
# on the role, defaults to an empty list. Sets the default for the
# {{role.name}}Services parameter in overcloud.yaml