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Add support for batched upgrades to composable upgrades
Some services (e.g ceph mon) require upgrading in batches (the old upgrade architecture did the ceph mon upgrade one controller at a time). This interface enables doing the same, and over time we can probably move more services into this interface (e.g when services support rolling upgrades) to reduce downtime. Change-Id: If581f301a5493ef33ac1386bdc22f9fca4f2544e Partially-Implements: blueprint overcloud-upgrades-per-service
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# disable_constraints: (boolean) optional, whether to disable Nova and Glance
# constraints for each role specified in the templates.
-# disable_upgrade_deployment: (boolean) optional, whether to run the composable upgrade
-# steps for all services that are deployed on the particular role.
+# upgrade_batch_size: (number): batch size for upgrades where tasks are
+# specified by services to run in batches vs all nodes at once.
+# This defaults to 1, but larger batches may be specified here.
# ServicesDefault: (list) optional default list of services to be deployed
# on the role, defaults to an empty list. Sets the default for the