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Replace references to the 192.0.2 network
Following change I1393d65ffb20b1396ff068def237418958ed3289 the ctlplane network will be 192.168.24 by default and not 192.0.2 anymore. This change removes old references left to 192.0.2 network from the overcloud templates. (cherry picked from commit b5b6681a74e001448a836e7eea5e75fba859b88c) Closes-Bug: #1682144 Change-Id: I49bd1ac8d594105665010bd898670b17e72fa763
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+ The default network for the ctlplane changed from to
+ All references to the ctlplane network in the templates
+ have been updated to reflect this change. When upgrading from a previous
+ release, if the default network was used for the ctlplane (,
+ then it is necessary to provide as input, via environment file, the correct
+ setting for all the parameters that previously defaulted to 192.0.2.x and
+ now default to 192.168.24.x; there is an environment file which could be
+ used on upgrade `environments/updates/update-from-192_0_2-subnet.yaml` to
+ cover a simple scenario but it won't be enough for scenarios using an
+ external load balancer, Contrail or Cisto N1KV. Follows a list of params to
+ be provided on upgrade.
+ From contrail-net.yaml: EC2MetadataIp, ControlPlaneDefaultRoute
+ From external-loadbalancer-vip-v6.yaml: ControlFixedIPs
+ From external-loadbalancer-vip.yaml: ControlFixedIPs
+ From network-environment.yaml: EC2MetadataIp, ControlPlaneDefaultRoute
+ From neutron-ml2-cisco-n1kv.yaml: N1000vVSMIP, N1000vMgmtGatewayIP
+ From contrail-vrouter.yaml: ContrailVrouterGateway