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Make neutron dhcp agents per network conditional
While the heat templates specify a default value of 3, it rarely seems to have an effect as the tripleoclient is setting this according to the controller scale. This was fine before composable roles, but it is now invalid. While the client needs to be modified to no longer set this according to controller scale, the template should default to a sentinel value that will allow the puppet code to determine the proper value by the number of hosts that have the neutron dhcp agent deployed on them. Depends-On: I5533e42c5ba9f72cc70d80489a07e30ee2341198 Partial-bug: #1632721 Change-Id: I06628764c4769d91bbc42efe1c722702d6574d02 (cherry picked from commit 3c5345fc75da1e289929ef5caf08a0f75f904bb4)
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+ NeutronDhcpAgents had a default value of 3 that, even though unused in
+ practice was a bad default value. Changing the default value to a
+ sentinel value and making the hiera conditional allows deploy-time
+ logic in puppet to provide a default value based on the number of dhcp
+ agents being deployed.